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Hotel Ergonomic Chairs - Kinema GmbH

Casual hotel ergonomic chairs for a relaxed, lively atmosphere in the workplace against movement phobia and high performance sitting. – designed by Stefan Zoell.

Neither permanent standing nor permanent sitting is the perfect posture in the workplace.

Our swivel chair with standing aid function promotes variety of sitting behaviour and thus more movement. A revolution in behavioural ergonomics. Rethinking work – Made in Germany. For modern office ergonomics.


Smart behaviour. Change position.

The main cause of incapacity for work is back problems. Against this background, founder and designer, Stefan Zoell, developed a chair system that offers versatile use at workstations with height-adjustable tables. The mykinema® active chair integrates the space between sitting and standing into the basic ergonomics of a workplace. The users can change their position flexible and thus counteract static posture. The active chair has several possible uses: Sitting with pelvic tilt function, elevated sitting and standing with stop function.

Hotel Ergonomic Chairs
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Hotel Ergonomic Chairs - Kinema GmbH

Back pain – Common Illnesses.

Every second employee sits on an office chair. Sitting and standing belongs to the unhealthy and forced postures. 80% of back problems are due to these primarily static postures. The average movement behaviour worldwide is characterised by sitting.

  • 8.0 hours sleep
  • 7.5 hours sitting at work
  • 1.5 hours watching TV sitting down
  • 1.5 hours reading sitting down
  • 1.5 hours sitting at the PC at home
  • 1.0 hours eating sitting down
  • 3.0 hours physical activity with max. 30 minutes of sport per day.

Therefore, back pain has become a Common Illness, because long and continuous sitting puts the body under extreme strain due to a lack of dynamism and as a result the intervertebral discs are not sufficiently supplied with fluid and energy. The human body with its 656 muscles is not suitable for sitting. All muscles together have some purpose – and can do more than just sitting! Change position as often as possible in our hotel ergonomic chairs. Especially in view of demographic change, it’s an opportunity to keep people healthy and productive. Because in case of illness, companies must bear high economic costs.

Mykinema® reinterprets seating – internationally patented.

The history of mykinema®

Stefan Zoell (*12.03.1978) trained as a cabinetmaker and worked in this profession for seven years. Then followed the design studies. He was sitting for the most part in an office chair according to DIN 1335, the so-called office chair standard. The rulebook for correct sitting.

So there were new regulations in his working world that told him how to sit correctly. Until then, he had sometimes sat on chairs during his working hours, but mainly on boxes, beams, planks and tree stumps – or leaned against them. Parallel to this, height-adjustable tables had arrived as an absolute trend in ergonomics and the world of work. The constellation that created mykinema®.


  • 2007 Idea of an additive solution to promote physical activity
  • 2008 Funding by the Fraunhofer Institute
  • 2009 Business competition Promotion North Hesse, second place
  • 2010 Business Plan Competition Medical Industry, Top Ten
  • 2011 Munich Business Plan Competition, Top Ten

The ideas, design models, mock-ups, and thoughts up to that point to an additive solution were not pursued further, because the usability seemed to be too complex.

  • 2014 Idea of an integral solution for the promotion of movement
  • 2015 Pilot study of the German Sport University Cologne
  • 2016 Start of production of 13 own tools
  • 2017 Red Dot Design Award
  • 2018 Production set-up, GS certification and market entry

Archiproducts Design Selection

  • 2019 Relocation and expansion of production German Design Award Winner

The revolution – A smart Hotel Ergonomic chair for a stand-sit positions

The mykinema® active chair promotes health, is innovative and looks good. The aim was to break the partially established habits at predominantly static workplaces and to offer more freedom for individual movements – four-dimensionally – with a stand-sit-support dynamic. Its functional design and ergonomic concept optimizes the usability of a cost-intensive height-adjustable desk because it can finally be used in all areas and heights – even between sitting and standing.

In contrast to the simple function of a normal office chair, the mykinema® active chair enables active sitting with a vertical movement. Office employees experience a new and healthier working atmosphere that cares for body and soul and increases productivity at the same time. The revolution in behavioural ergonomics. The approving result of the scientific investigation of the new chair system “Allowing, demanding and promoting changing postures and individual movements instead of preventing them through normative conditions and rigid rules of behaviour” underlines this action and helps to establish the internationally patented unique selling proposition.

Rethinking work – Made in Germany.

Ergonomic and sustainable

Kinema GmbH focuses on sustainability and movement promotions. 93.5 % of the components are produced in Germany. 97.7 % of the parts are 100% recyclable. Sustainable production with a low CO2 footprint follows the mega-trend of sustainability and promotes an ethical consumer choice that complies socio-cultural and environmental efforts.

The now possible movement-enhancing behaviour, away from the static, follows the mega-trend health management and does justice to economic costs and a reasonable coping style.

The human body with its 656 muscles is not suitable for sitting. All muscles together make sense – and can do more than just sitting! Change posture and as often as possible.

Especially with a view to demographic change, it’s an opportunity to keep people healthy and productive and thus counteract the prevalence of back pain.
Because in case of illness, a company has to pay 239 € per day of salary for the absence and an additional 239 € for the replacement. This means that the total cost of absence for the company is 478 € per day.

Hotel Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomics – ‘work’ and ‘law’
Kinema – ‘movement’
mykinema® – ‘my movement’

The company name is derived from Ancient Greek and means my movement. The mykinema® active chair does justice to this term. Because sitting is the new smoking. Neither permanent standing nor permanent sitting are perfect posture at the workplace – as both are static.

The balanced stand-sit-support dynamic of the mykinema® active chair, on the other hand, contributes to the improvement of health and physical well-being and thus increases concentration and receptiveness.

With just two control elements and a simple operation, the mykinema® active chair can be used steplessly and in many different ways in the range of 440 mm to 770 mm. This offers more than just sitting or standing at height-adjustable tables. Users are given the necessary and flexible freedom for individual movement at the workplace.

The mykinema® active chair is available in a few colours. Also available in high-quality nubuck leather or with Felicity fabric cover. aluminium base and foot ring coated in black. Customers can also choose between aluminium base and foot ring coated in black and polished aluminium base, foot ring chrome-plated / black.

Hotel Ergonomic Chairs


Stefan Zoell - Founder & Designer - Kinema GmbH – Hotel Ergonomic Chairs

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