Interactive Virtual Hotel Tours and Virtual Hotel Signage

Dimensione3 – Virtual tours with interaction and virtual signage

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Dimensione3 is a company specialized in virtual reality – 3D technologies and supports its customers to increase business performance thanks to virtual tours.

With an interactive virtual hotel tour, anyone in the world can visit a hotel remotely, observe all the environments, and obtain all the useful information to decide to book the service.

We creates virtual tours all over the world from 2015 and work for many prestigious international companies.

Interactive Virtual Hotel Tours and Virtual Hotel Signage
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An exhibition space becomes infinite thanks to a digital tour. Anyone can visit it remotely at any time, and from all over the world, using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Our interactive virtual hotel tours show your hotels in greater depth than in reality, thanks to a perfect view and thanks to the continuously developing functions: descriptive tags, descriptions, video, images, links, videocall and chat integrated in the tour, interactive digital signage, special functions.

We are official partners of Matterport, we have developed an integrated software that allows you to add to the real scene many other details, virtual signage, sounds, interactions, which make the virtual visit unique.

Let’s see why our virtual tours are of high quality:
– Accuracy of location scans: our photographers come to your hotel to scan the location with great care. They are continuously trained to always guarantee the highest level of quality.
– Multimedia content: once the 3D model has been created, we add all the content necessary to inform visitors about your location and services thanks to descriptions, videos, images, texts, links, pdf files, any other content.
We are official partners of Matterport. We have developed software integrated with Matterport technology, which allows you to add many exclusive features.
Augmented tours: our software allows us to add any 3D object or interactive element to the tour. In this way we can create virtual signage that guide the user in the visit, and allow to move from one point to another with a simple click. We can also add virtual objects, such as furniture, promotional panels, advertising materials.
– Collaboration-presentation tool: our software platform allows you to present the virtual tour to a remote visitor in real time, communicate with chat and video calls, view the tour with remote synchronized screens and interact in the virtual tour.
– Google street view: We can also publish your virtual tour on Google Street View to increase your visibility in online searches by your customers.

Our technology helps to increase the business performance of our customers, enhance branding and increase sales.

Interactive Virtual Hotel Tours and Virtual Hotel Signage


Giulio Derobertis - Managing director - Dimensione3 – Virtual tours with interaction and virtual signage

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