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Infinity Luxury – Outdoor Smart Showers / Hotel Smart Loungers

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Infinity Luxury - Outdoor Smart Showers / Hotel Smart Loungers

We just love to be different. For this reason, since 2017 with lots of love and passion, we are creating unique hotel outdoor smart showers and hotel smart loungers. Based on innovative technologies and modern design we developed hotel outdoor showers with a water-saving system that reduces water consumption up to 75% and hotel smart loungers with hidden safe and USB phone chargers. Both of our products are powered by the solar system.

Outdoor Smart Showers / Hotel Smart Loungers
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Hotel Smart Showers / Hotel Smart Loungers – They are made to be different.

The goal of our company is to provide the world with new products in the area of outdoor showers and loungers through innovative ideas, modern design and high-quality materials. Our company was opened in 2017 when we finished testing our first models of hotel outdoor smart showers. Since then our business has spread worldwide and we have developed new models and technologies for our products. The past few months we have been working on our new product, hotel smart lounger ‘SunWave’.

By buying our products you are helping in water and energy saving.

Hotel Outdoor Showers – Infinity Luxury showers

If you are looking for a long term solution then you found it. Using only quality materials like HPL, stainless steel and stone, our outdoor showers are made to last for a long period. The construction is resistant to all external conditions and can be installed everywhere.

In addition to modern design, Infinity Luxury products are engineered with the best materials that are durable and easy to operate. Villas, hotels, public beaches and resorts have selected our outdoor showers because of the combination of durability, beauty, smart technologies and function.

Fall in love with our story of unique outdoor showers.

Hotel Smart Loungers and Showers – Design

Freedom is realising you have a choice. That is why we have a large list of samples from which we will make your ideal hotel outdoor showers.

Today’s trends in architecture are straight lines and minimalistic design with lots of white and grey. Still, there is a lot of traditional buildings, so we adjusted our showers to both modern or traditional designs.

At night, ambient illumination will automatically turn on and it will give you an unforgettable sight to remember.

We always take care of every single detail which makes our showers look perfect from any perspective you look at them.

Renewable energy and water-saving

It is well known that the global environment is looking for concrete solutions toward water-saving and using renewable energies. So we have developed a system that not only reduces all unnecessary water consumption but also produces its own energy.

Our system can reduce water consumption by up to 75%. We installed a motion sensor which is programmed to recognize human presence within a second. ECO TECH showerhead uses less water than a regular one and it gives you a special relaxing feeling while showering.

With a solar system which power is 40W our showers receive enough energy to maintain all operating systems such as motion sensors, electro-valve and ambient illumination.

Hotel Smart Loungers

From the sandy beach to the hotel pool, from the lake to your terrace where you spend time with your family, wherever our hotel smart lounger is, it will be emphasised by its design and carefully planned ergonomics. Caring about the smallest details and highest quality materials, all built-in equipment guarantees durability and stability in all weather conditions.

The safe integrated into the tray will allow you to go swimming without worrying about your valuables. Simply put all valuable items in the drawer or in the safe and enjoy your swim. The safe is locked using a four-digit code that each user can program at their own choice.

Enjoy your holiday.

Hotel Smart Lounger – Modern design and a carefree vacation

Everything we want to take from our vacation is beautiful memories, and ‘SunWave’, the hotel smart lounger will allow you to remember your vacation as a carefree enjoyment.

Sustainability, ecology, design and functionality are the basis of our modern loungers. It uses sunlight to absorb the power that serves as an energy supply for a USB waterproof charger. In this way, ‘SunWave’ allows you to have an inseparable relationship with your favourite gadget.

Outdoor Smart Showers / Hotel Smart Loungers


Outdoor Smart Showers / Hotel Smart Loungers

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