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Supplier Details

Imprint Plus – Hotel Name Badges / Hotel Name Badge Solutions

Imprint Plus supply hotel name badge solutions and Reusable Hotel Name Badges. Custom name badges by Imprint Plus™ can easily be personalized. They come in many shapes and sizes and are completely changeable by simply reprinting a new insert sheet. We’ve been in the name badge business for over 30 years and have developed many hotel name badge products. In fact, we’ve patented many of the processes involved in the production and set the standard for the name badges industry! This “Do-It-Yourself” Name Badge System is the perfect tool for your front-line staff.

Reusable Name Badges for Hotels

Another feature of the Imprint Plus™ name badge program that sets us apart is our reusable name badges are truly reusable. Sure, a lot of badge companies boast reusability, but are they truly reusable? Many employ adhesive tape to personalize the badges, so when you want to change the name, you have to un-stick and peel off the tape. Un-sticking tape from a badge (or anything really) can leave behind a sticky residue that is hard to clean off and ruins the professional look of the name badge. From our perspective, tape personalization is not true reusability-it’s more of a band-aid solution.

The reusable hotel name badges from Imprint Plus™ is truly reusable: The badge plate, personalized badge insert, lens cover and signature magnetic badge fastener fit together by design, not by tape. This means that they can be snapped together or snapped apart easily, and without damage. When a new team member comes on board and you need a new hotel name badge, just toss out the old badge insert and slide in a new one. You won’t have to compromise at all on quality or style. The reused name badge will look exactly the same as the original one. We’re so proud of the innovative design and quality craftsmanship that went into our reusable name badges. We’re confident that you and your hospitality staff will love it, too.

Hotel Name Badges – The Statistics Speak for Themselves

  • Imprint Plus™ is the category leader for name badges
  • Imprint Plus™ serves 8 of the top 10 hotel corporations worldwide
  • 92% of the largest hotels in the world use Imprint Plus™* as their preferred, endorsed, or mandated supplier of reusable name badges including personalized hotel name tags, conference name tags, convention name tags, and restaurant name tags
  • 417,666 name badges were sold to hospitality in 2011 alone!

Imprint Plus™ is the premier global supplier of luxury reusable name badges.

Why Imprint Plus™ Reusable Name Badges are #1 in Hotels

Sometimes it seems as if the reusable name badges was made specifically for the hospitality industry. Here is a versatile name badge system that will support all your goals for your name badge and food service signage programs.






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