Eco Hotel Amenities / Natural & Organic Hotel Amenities – iLoveEcoEssentials is a simple, sustainable hotel amenities brand!

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Sustainability? Quality? Style? Why choose – we’ve gone for all 3! Your pleasure – our passion! Easy accessible Hotel Eco Solutions!

iLoveEcoEssentials is a simple 360 degree sustainable amenity-concept developed for hotels, by hotel professionals – luxurious, effective and probably unlike anything else you´ve ever seen – supplying the very best in eco hotel amenities, sustainable hotel amenities and organic hotel amenities.

We understand what’s important for you, and have left no stone untouched. We have therefore created a product line that doesn’t harm the environment in ANY way – fearlessly shaping a sustainable future – while providing you with the very best top-of-the-range luxe quality products for your body. Developed according to fair trade principles, and operating according to the strictest sustainable criteria.

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Eco Hotel Amenities – We´ve got you covered!

We choose to use top-of-the-range ingredients without the typical top-of-the-range price setting that is usual in the cosmetics industry. Giving you affordable, luxurious eco hotel amenities.

Our goal is to provide financially accessible sustainability and luxury to the hotel industry, and provide exceptional value for money.

iLoveEcoEssentials wants to make a positive impact on you, your skin and for Mother Earth.
We have therefore chosen to certify our range for your guarantee that both contents and packaging are carefully selected on the basis of farming, processing, manufacturing and working conditions that meet strict sustainable requirements in terms of health and environment.

Lean back and enjoy, we’ve got you covered!

Organic Hotel Amenities – Looking proudly into the eyes of tomorrow!

Our cosmetics come in bottles made with collected waste plastic that is recyclable. Our single use items are made from natural renewable sources like bamboo, which grows up to 1m per day. That is pretty amazing! Speak to us today about our organic hotel amenities!

Sustainable Hotel Amenities – Your story, our world! Because – as we all know – there is no Planet B!

iLoveEcoEssentials gives you the opportunity to make a difference! By choosing the right partnership, you get the opportunity of telling your story, showing your commitment to the environment and for a greener future.

By using ILEE in hotel rooms you’ll have 0% microplastic in your waste water seeping into our oceans! Which means that ground water, marine life and future generations are safe from us. We provide sustainable hotel amenities to help with every problem!

Contribute to happy fish!

100 rooms use approx. 7.857.365,34 liters/per year!

Hotel Eco Solutions – Quality surprise!

Our products are made of 100% natural and organic ingredients. And all our products have their very own unique scent, their own special purpose, and are designed to blend together – you can mix & match as you please.

Quite simply, we´re a brand-new story and a clear conscience never smelled so good!

Simple as that – no need for compromises!

Profit payoff by selling Sustainable Hotel Amenities in your reception!

By having eco-friendly top-of-the-range products in your rooms, you will surprise your guests positively when they experience iLoveEcoEssentials for the first time.

In addition to give your guests an extra-luxurious experience, the high quality and general attractiveness of the ILEE range, makes it a very popular bring-home item, covering the expense of equipping the rooms and in fact, even making it into a profit business!




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