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Ilkos Candles – Scented Hotel Candles / Luxury Candles for Hotels / Hotel Garden Candles

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Scented Hotel Candles / Luxury Candles for Hotels / Hotel Garden Candles - Ilkos Candles

Light Up Your Life

We started developing our passion in 1995 when we were inspired by the scents, light and power that luxury candles for hotels can create. Ilkos d.o.o. has become the number one manufacturer and seller of scented hotel candles in the Slovenian market. Supported by intensive development and improvements of the existing products in line with new trends, the company expanded to foreign markets, while retaining its leading position at home. We build our future on constant development, which fascinates us with countless innovation possibilities, which we offer to our clients. A selection of over 60 fragrances will satisfy and awaken your senses. Ilkos hotel garden candles are a guarantee for long burn time and are made from the highest quality materials. Elegance is our passion and mantra on our path to perfection.

Scented Hotel Candles / Luxury Candles for Hotels / Hotel Garden Candles
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Ilkos Candles - Luxury Candles for Hotels

Since 1995, where the beginnings of our business are, the company Ilkos d.o.o. has established itself as the leading manufacturer and seller on the domestic market. With intensive development of new products and improvements of existing products, consideration the new trends, the company has quickly expanded to foreign markets (today we export to more than 30 countries) and maintained its leading position on the domestic market.  The company has always strived for quality,  so we also work in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, and we are responsibly aware and also consider environmental directives and ecological production. We build our future on continuous development  that makes us enthusiastic and countless innovation possibilities that we offer our clients in accordance with their desires and needs. Our scented candles for hotels have a variety of over 60 different scents and a wide colour range that enables countless possibilities through combinations to wake up and satisfy all our senses. Elegant, modern shapes of our luxury candles for hotels and their quality and scent intensity will never disappoint you. Our offer has been expanded to the internet and we opened a website.

Sales Program

Candles represent our main production program. We manufacture many candle types (scented hotel candles, hotel garden candles, candles with liquid wax, electronic candles etc) and we pay special attention to each group. We are developing new combinations of shapes, colors and scents adapted to desires and needs of the costumers.

Scented Hotel Candles

Decorative and scented hotel candles represent a wide range of luxury candles for hotels with various dimensions, scented waxes, tealights and scented candles in a glass or a can with wide variety of colours and shapes, and high quality. They are suitable for use during the whole year and for every occasion. They perfume your ambience and create a relaxed, inspiring environment, in which you will feel excellent. With the combination of various scents, you can create an individually scented experience. Our scented hotel candles are recognized for their long and uniform combustibility and intense concentraded scents due to the content of extracts and essential oils. Due to lovely shapes and colours, they are also an important and modern accessory to your interior.

Hotel Garden Candles

Hotel garden candles include various shapes of garden candles in ceramics, aluminium pot, sheet metal pot or plastic housing. Garden program products are intended for use outdoors during every season. The hotel garden candles emphasize mood at events, picnics and summer evenings on terraces.

Scented Hotel Candles / Luxury Candles for Hotels / Hotel Garden Candles


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