Identity Verification Solutions / Digital Identification Systems / Hotel Digital Authentication

Thales – Identity Verification Solutions / Digital Identification Systems / Hotel Digital Authentication

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Identity Verification Solutions / Digital Identification Systems / Hotel Digital Authentication

Businesses and governments rely on Thales to bring trust to the billions of digital interactions they have with people.

Our identity verification solutions and data protection technologies help hotels, banks, exchange funds; people cross borders, energy become smarter and much more.

More than 30,000 organisations already rely on Thales solutions to verify the identities of people and things, grant access to digital services, analyse vast quantities of information and encrypt data.

In early 2019, we acquired the international security company Gemalto and combined it with our existing digital assets to create a new leader in digital security.

Every organisation around the world is in the midst of a digital transformation and stands to benefit from our joint innovations.

Designed for demanding use cases, Thales Document Readers serve banking, hospitality, travel, and other industries where you need an accurate and reliable document and ID verification reading.

With the most critical hotel digital authentication and digital identification systems, Thales document readers allow users to inspect, authenticate, and capture data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably.

As the world becomes more connected, Thales makes it more secure.

Digital Identification Systems
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Thales - Identity Verification Solutions / Digital Identification Systems / Hotel Digital Authentication

Thales is a global technology leader with more than 77,000 employees on five continents.

The Group is investing in digital and “deep tech” innovations – Big Data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity and quantum technology – to build a future we can all trust.

In the markets of defence and security, aerospace and space, digital identity and security, and transport, Thales provides identity verification solutions, services and products to help its customers – companies, organisations and governments – to carry out their critical missions.

We believe trust cannot exist without security!
This is why we focus our collective intelligence and creativity on making the world safer and more secure for all. From mobility solutions to space programmes, from protecting the homeland to securing critical infrastructure and enterprise information systems, all the sectors we serve have a vital role to play in our societies. We support our customers in their decisive moments, helping them manage ever greater complexity and make decisions faster and more efficiently in routine situations as well as times of crisis, on the battlefield and in our major cities, from the depths of the oceans to the edges of space and cyberspace.

We believe in a safer and more sustainable world where everyone has access to a secure, trusted identity.

To support this vision, Thales delivers digital identification systems and biometric solutions to governments, public authorities, and private entities in civil identity and public security. We do this by providing highly secure documents, such as passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, etc., at the heart of identity schemes.

We also provide identity verification solutions, for example, when people cross borders and enrolling them in national registers. Both of these are built on our expertise in biometrics.

We also address public security and law enforcement challenges by offering the latest in criminal forensics and real-time facial recognition.

Our identity and biometric solutions for Government are sold by Thales, our Digital Security business.

The role of hotel digital authentication is crucial in protecting States, organisations, and citizens. With such a vast number of transactions, speed is challenging for parties and other users.

To meet these challenges, Thales offers a range of identity verification solutions and hotel digital authentication, such as document readers, that help prevent document and identity fraud.

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Identity Verification Solutions
Digital Identification Systems



Barbara Algeri - Digital Identity and Security (DIS) - Field Marketing Manager Biometric Scanner - Thales – Identity Verification Solutions / Digital Identification Systems / Hotel Digital Authentication

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