Hotel Fogging System / Automated Room Fogger

HyperFog – HyperFog Automated Bathroom or Room Fogging with App Platform and Customer Ordering

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HyperFog - Hotel Fogging System / Automated Room Fogger with App for Reservation Integration

Imagine your customers have no worries about lingering germs from the prior occupant. Imagine this process is automated, easy to use, and reduces the work of housestaff to do all the cleaning.

HyperFog enables the entire fleet of hotel rooms to allow fogging of unoccupied enclosed spaces. We are an internet-enabled hotel fogging system with a refill system. We have different fogging agents for cleaning or disinfection, depending on what use is desired and what type of room is treated. Our most frequent use is bathrooms due to multiple hard surfaces which require frequent cleaning. Simply keep the automated room fogger machine full of fogging agent (sold separately), and with the right integration we enable customers to take control of the room fogging process by enabling app based cleaning requests on your web reservation system or app, or on command upon checkin.

HyperFog disperses cleaning and disinfecting agents widely, and the hotel staff completes the final cleaning process. Use HVAC evacuation for more rapid fog evacuation. Do not inhale fog directly. If fog present, leave room and do not re-enter until settled or removed by HVAC system.


  • Automated space fogging for guest satisfaction
  • Time-stamped proof of cleaning agent application
  • Phone or web app for revenue collection on a per use basis
  • Low-maintenance cleaning system
  • Integrate with web or app based reservation systems, for fogging on demand features
  • Integrate with housekeeping procedures for best practices and for logging cleaning events
  • Integrate with compliance processes for corporate COVID requirements
  • Rapid and thorough cleaning
  • Choose scented or non-scented fog application
  • Choose disinfectant or cleaning agent (depending on prevailing regulatory laws) based upon target room features
  • Track and report number of fogs per room using back end graphical user interface, and track monthly revenue from fogging
  • Battery powered and mobile for use in different spaces in room

For further details see HyperFog website, or arrange a meeting with HyperFog Staff.

HyperFog is protected by US trademark law, no unauthorized use is allowed.

Supplier Details

Automated Room/Bathroom Fogger

HyperFog provides an initial free comprehensive space cleaning and disinfection assessment, going over the details of your current process, costs, chemicals used, and marketing desires. Then we will review your check-in process, turnover process, and estimate the app or web-based configuration needs to perform to implement an enterprise customer-driven fogging program and automated room fogger. Marketing claims, EPA/EU law, fogging safety, hotel fogging system placement, IT integration will all be covered in our free assessment.

Hotel Fogging System

HyperFog ships automated room fogger machines and bottle refills in pallets or larger orders of re-fill bottles, drop shipped to a location of your choice. Our app can be downloaded from the typical iTunes and Android stores when released.

For those interested in fleetwide and enterprise hotel fogging system deployment, special teams will be dedicated to a detailed integration meeting with custom built web interfaces for managing the fogging of the entire room fleet at the same time or in sequence. Back end data analytics on usage, performance metrics, refill ordering available upon request.

Hotel Fogging System / Automated Room Fogger



Hotel Fogging System / Automated Room Fogger
Hotel Fogging System / Automated Room Fogger
Hotel Fogging System / Automated Room Fogger
Hotel Fogging System / Automated Room Fogger
Hotel Fogging System / Automated Room Fogger

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