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SONNENGLAS® - Hotel Solar Lanterns

SONNENGLAS® brightens up lives around the world by building the number 1 high-tech hotel solar lantern and using business as a force for good.

The first generation of SONNENGLAS® was developed in South Africa as a complete light source for people who live without power. At the same time, it replaces the petroleum lamps widely used in Africa that are harmful to the environment and frequently cause serious fires.

Since 2013, SONNENGLAS® has grown into a cult product beyond the borders of Africa. It gives people all over the world the ability to produce clean light in a particularly beautiful way, to illuminate their own world and to live a more joyful and environmentally conscious life every day.


Hotel Solar Lanterns

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The best Hotel Solar Lantern in the World

The new SONNENGLAS® Classic and SONNENGLAS® Mini, launched in 2019, are the enhanced versions of the best hotel solar lantern in the World.

They include a multitude of innovations that make them truly unique.

Two years of development work have gone into redesigning our SONNENGLAS® solar module to develop a product line that is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also technologically extraordinary.

SONNENGLAS® is now likely one of the most efficient light sources in the world.

In March 2019, our new SONNENGLAS® Mini even won the Red Dot Design Award.

SONNENGLAS® uses a solar panel design that we developed ourselves, one of the most efficient in the world. Together with our rechargeable battery, we now store so much energy that both products achieve a running time of at least 24 hours on a full charge.


SONNENGLAS® stands for sustainable, ecological product design. For us it is therefore both natural and our responsibility to already consider our beautiful planet at the product development stage. One of our goals is to leave the world better than we found it. For us, this means developing SONNENGLAS® to such a high standard that it functions for as long as possible, leaving a positive ecological footprint by generating more green energy in the form of light during its lifetime than the manufacturing process has consumed.


Your SONNENGLAS® comes with a one-year warranty. You can extend this warranty free of charge – up to two years – within two months after purchase. Just register your hotel solar lantern by using the serial number on the white sticker at the bottom of the lid. This number does not only mark your SONNENGLAS® as a unique handmade item. It also entitles you to our full support.

Our warranty promise: all technical components will be exchanged by us immediately and without questioning.


To prevent our products from ending up as electronic waste after a long service life, we take care of our SONNENGLAS® lanterns even after the warranty has expired by offering a solar module upgrade. This is made possible by our product design, which allows the electronic components to be replaced. The glass and metal components will probably last for decades.

If the electronics in SONNENGLAS® are approaching the end of their service life or become obsolete through technical progress, the old solar module can be returned to us. We will reward the return with a discount of € 5 / CHF 5.90 on a new solar module. After the serial number has been registered, the upgrade module is again covered by our 2-year warranty. SONNENGLAS® thus becomes a light for life, and we will ensure that the old module is reused, or correctly recycled if reuse is no longer possible.

To return an old solar module and receive our discount, we require an email with the serial number of the solar lantern and the subject “Solar Module Upgrade Program” at [email protected].



Since its development in the townships of Johannesburg, it has been directly connected to the lives of the people producing it. These people, that achieve to make the best out of what they have – thanks to their inventiveness and unshakable zest of life. This is the soul that drives SONNENGLAS® to what it is: a light that shines in many different ways.

It is therefore self-evident for us to produce our hotel solar lanterns in a socially sustainable way that follows strict fair-trade standards. By now, our company has made it possible to engage 65 previously unemployed people from Johannesburg’s townships Alexandra and Soweto. And thanks to you, this is a growing number.

To a large extent, SONNENGLAS® is produced by hand. This guarantees high quality and particularly long durability. A true South African success story that does not only bring more light to the Townships but also makes the rest of the world a brighter place – light by light.


Hotel Solar Lanterns

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