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Hotel Pickup Solutions / Hotel Guest Transport Service / Luxury Hotel Guest Pickups

Welcome Pickups is a forever-free software tool that allows hotel managers and hospitality professionals to automate their luxury hotel guest pickups and transfers during their stay.

By automating the hotel guest transport service entirely, Welcome Pickups significantly reduces manual tasks for hotel staff, enabling them to allocate more time to enhancing guest services and other critical management functions, thus maximising operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

At the same time, By prioritising the guest experience, Welcome Pickups offers reliable, comfortable, and hassle-free hotel pickup solutions, thereby elevating overall satisfaction and fostering positive first and last impressions of the hotel.

At its core, Welcome Pickups’ mission is to enhance operational efficiency at no additional cost. This approach removes the barriers of commitment, exclusivity, or integration fees, offering:

  • Reduced time on transportation management: Minimising the time and resources spent on managing guest transportation allows hotels to reallocate efforts towards enhancing other vital operational aspects, streamlining processes, and reducing potential for logistical errors.
  • Improved revenue and guest reviews: The hotel guest transport service not only augments guest satisfaction but also positively impacts hotel revenues and reputation through improved guest reviews. Welcome Pickups’ services contribute to a hotel’s financial goals and distinguish it in a competitive market.
  • Seamless integration: Welcome Pickups ensures effortless compatibility with all major Property Management Systems (PMS) and channel managers, such as MEWS, Cloudbeds, and SiteMinder, facilitating a frictionless operational workflow that seamlessly integrates with hotels’ existing ecosystems.

Elevating Hotel Pickup Solutions

Welcome Pickups goes beyond improving operational efficiency; it redefines the guest experience.

Integrating this tool allows hotels to offer their guests a seamless and personalised service from the moment of arrival, ensuring reliable and comfortable transportation that contributes to their overall satisfaction and increases the likelihood of return visits or recommendations.

Ancillary Revenue Opportunities

Implementing Welcome Pickups opens new avenues for hotels to boost their ancillary revenues. With the enhanced guest satisfaction and operational efficiencies, hotels can explore additional services and offerings that cater to guests’ needs and preferences, such as upgrades, special packages, and customised experiences, thereby enriching the guest’s stay and contributing to the hotel’s bottom line.

What’s more, hotels are able to make extra money with each ride operated by their guests and have access to upselling opportunities such as early check-ins and late check-outs.

Conclusion: Set up once, Benefit Always

Welcome Pickups revolutionises their approach to the hotel guest transport service and experience. Its “set and forget” model ensures that once the system is in place, hotels can enjoy ongoing benefits without constant oversight, allowing hotel teams to concentrate on their primary mission—running a successful and guest-centric hotel.

By choosing Welcome Pickups, hotels embrace a new standard of convenience, efficiency, and guest satisfaction that sets them apart in the competitive hospitality industry.

Supplier Details

Welcome Pickups - Hotel Pickup Solutions / Hotel Guest Transport Service / Luxury Hotel Guest Pickups

One Platform to Handle the Hotel Guest Transport Service

Turn every guest transfer into a 5-star experience and boost your revenue.

Top-Rated Transfer Tech Solution:

Welcome Pickups is a free software tool designed for hotel pickup solutions. Allow your guests to book their rides to and from your hotel so you don’t have to, and offer a top-notch experience before they check in – 100% automatically.

Make Money with each Guest Ride:

Welcome Pickups is fairly priced, but you can still make extra money. Earn commissions effortlessly for each ride operated, track everything through your dashboard, and gain valuable upsell opportunities like early check-ins and late check-outs.

Elevate your Guest Experience:

We’re much more than simple hotel pickup solutions. A warm welcome and a mini-tour of the city are included in the 5-star transfer that travellers consistently rank #1. Pre-booked and prepaid – no surprises, no cash in hand, no worry.

Integrate with your Suite of Tools:

Seamlessly connect your account with your PMS or Channel Manager, providing a hassle-free experience. Increase rev-par by offering airport transfer upsell and access to customer transfer details. With zero costs or manual work from your end.

Your ROI will Thank you for this:

With Welcome Pickups, ROI is positive from day one. Your forever-free account grants you access to a white-label version of the tool, integration with your PMS and Channel Manager, all the data you need to succeed, and a dedicated Account Manager.

Your Guests are in Great Hands:

We hand-pick and train the best English speaking drivers ensuring top satisfaction rates. Drivers monitor flight delays for a streamlined experience, and, if needed, our support team is available 24/7. And, our passenger reviews prove the level of experience we offer with an average score of 4.9/5 on all major review platforms.

Partner with us – it’s Free:

We are your personal ally in enhancing luxury hotel guest pickups. Take manual work off your plate and go with an automated revenue stream to enrich customer satisfaction, elevate your services, and strengthen your brand identity. All with the help of a dedicated Account Manager, ready to help you every step of the way. 100% free – forever.


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Hotel Guest Transport Service
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