Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units

Powrmatic Limited – Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units

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Supplier Overview

Powrmatic Limited - Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units

Discreet heat pump hotel packaged air conditioning units for apartments and hotel rooms, providing exceptional energy efficiency (ErP compliant) with low running costs and low noise without any outdoor condenser making it the perfect product for new build and retrofit hotel rooms, with quick & easy installation, mobile app control and low maintenance.

  •  No Outdoor Condenser
  • Horizontal or Vertical Option
  • Energy Efficient Performance
  • WiFi Control
  • The perfect hotel room solution
  • DIY Installation
  • Cost-saving 3-4 hours install time
Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units
Supplier Details

Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units – Vision range

The Vision range has been designed with a smooth curved shell and now incorporates a full metal body to give it a more solid and consistent performance eliminating all plastic parts in its construction.

The hotel packaged air conditioning units employ new techniques and technology to precisely follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners. The smooth, polished white PPC finish allows the unit to fully complement any room decor and design.

Vision Verticool

The Vision VertiCool 3.1kW is the latest in the hotel packaged air conditioning units range with a new and stylish vertical approach that can be installed in areas between windows, or in-room corners making it the perfect alternative for those rooms where space and access to an external low or high wall is limited.

The VertiCool is installed the same as the standard unit with an impressive depth of only 185mm allow it to integrate seamlessly into any room.

WiFi Control

The easy to use app displays current temperature settings and allows the user to change temperature, fan speed, and airflow direction from anywhere at the touch of a button. In applications such as hotel buildings, the reception desk can activate, control, and deactivate each unit in every room depending on the occupancy.  Our hotel packaged air conditioning units can warm up or cool down the room before hotel guests arrive, and ensure the units are switched off when the room is unoccupied saving valuable energy consumption.

Product Benefits of our Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units

  • Superslim Design
  • No External Condenser Required
  • Optional Touch Screen Control
  • Low Running Noise Level
  • Self Opening Grills
  • Simple & Easy Installation

Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units – Features

  • Heating & Cooling Option: Each Vision model has the ability to heat and cool your building from -6°c to 31°c. The Vision DW/H has lowering performances in heating when outdoor temperature is falling where the heat pump is integrated (and not replaced) by a 1kW electrical resistance that intervenes automatically when outdoor temperature becomes extremely low.
  • Quick Installation & No Room Downtime: The Vision hotel packaged air conditioning units can be installed in under 4 hours which eliminates any downtime to any room during installation. The Vision can be retrofitted into many applications where there is a current A/C system. With no requirement for an external condenser and extensive pipework, upgrading an existing split air conditioning system is simple.
  • New Model & Design Available: Powrmatic has now introduced the 3.1kW Vision VertiCool upright standing hotel packaged air conditioning units to give a heating and cooling option for those rooms with limited horizontal high or low wall space. The standard horizontal Vision has also been re-designed with a more curved finish and full metal body to improve its visual appearance and performance longevity.
  • Stylish & Contemporary Design: The Vision features clean lines in a contemporary, eye-catching style that will complement any décor with and no sight of an outdoor condenser it makes the unit ideal for hotel rooms, restaurants and many other hospitality applications.
  • Application Flexibility: Installation is easy due to the standard core drill bit required to make the 162mm holes. The Vision can be installed on any external wall, either at a low or high position. All that is required for the installation (template, supporting bracket, outdoor grills, insulating wall pipes) is contained in the carton box ready to install. All that is required to be provided by the installer is the drilling machine and core bit.
  • Vision LTHW Model: Sometimes you face the need to replace an existing radiator for winter heating with a complete system for summer and winter use . in such a situation the “Vision LTHW” is the best answer: The Vision LTHW hotel packaged air conditioning units can cool down the temperature in summer, warm up in winter in heat pump mode or by using an existing boiler Low-Temperature Hot Water System, and dehumidify all year round. In wintertime, heating is economically provided by the heat pump functioning mode.




Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units
Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units
Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units
Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units
Hotel Packaged Air Conditioning Units


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