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Since its 2013 inception, Hotel Buyer has become a leading online hotel supplies retailer of essential hotel supplies, including bedding, toiletries and bedroom welcome accessories.

In the beginning, the hotel trade was largely catalogue-based, but Hotel Buyer has done a great deal to modernize the way hotels do procurement. Hotel Buyer continues to expand its reach across hospitality sector, including guest houses, Bed & Breakfasts and Air B&Bs, in addition to hotels, thanks to their helpful and personal service.

Hotel Supplies Retailer – Hotel Toiletries

Hotel Buyer supply a broad range of hotel guest toiletries for hotels of all sizes and budgets, providing miniature shampoo, conditioner, bath and shower gel, as well as miniature wrapped soaps. 

Many popular brands are stocked, and these include:

  • Baylis & Harding
  • Anyah
  • Prija
  • Elsyl
  • Silver Buckthorn
  • Au Lait
  • Sea Kelp
  • Taylor of London Traditional
  • Aqua Viva Orange Grove
  • Sea Spray
  • Taylor of London Platinum

This wide selection of hotel toiletries allows the hotel to match the range to the surroundings, matching their brand’s message with the look and feel of their chosen range.

To complement the toiletries, Hotel Buyer sells guest amenities – miniature essentials such as dental kits, shower caps and even little sewing kits, all of which helps hotels continue to be a home away from home.

Hotel Buyer sells pump bottle versions of many of their ranges, and these are very popular with hoteliers because they can be re-used, thanks to the bulk refill bottles that Hotel Buy sells to keep thee topped-up.

A new Green Toiletries range has been launched, bringing together all those hotel toiletries that possess environmentally-friendly attributes, such as recyclable packaging and the absence of parabens, which helps hotels join the green revolution.

Hotel Bedding & Bedroom Accessories

Bed linen for hotels is perhaps the most important part of the hotel experience, and Hotel Buyer makes the decision-making easy. By offering a variety of cotton and various polycotton blends, as well as a host of style and thread-counts, it’s no wonder hotel managers have been coming back to Hotel Buyer every time their hotel’s bedding needs a refresh.

Hotel Buyer sells the full range, including duvet covers, fitted sheets and flat sheets, as well as both oxford and housewife pillowcases (most popular in 200 thread count) and micro and hollowfibre duvets and pillows to go within.

Providing a good welcome is Hotel Buyer’s aim, and to this end they provide the full range of hotel bedroom accessories. Fill the wardrobe with hangers, and greet the guests with luxurious little extras such as shoe horns, laundry bags and Do Not Disturb signs – as well as coffee and tea sachets and bags for a real warm welcome!

Hotel Bathroom Products

Beyond toiletries, Hotel Buyer provides essentials for a hotel’s bathroom. Bath robes are the mark of a more generous breed of hotel room, as well as the surprise of complimentary slippers. Bathroom fittings are seldom noticed by guests – but they would certainly notice if they weren’t there!

Perhaps central to Hotel Buyer’s bathroom offering is the selection of guest towels, in a variety of colours, thread counts and sizes. These are of premium quality and well-suited for the hotel trade, allowing hotel managers to procure all the towelling their hotel needs; with everything from de rigeur face cloths, right up to gigantic bath sheets on offer.

Bath mats and shower curtains are just some of the everyday essentials that hotel managers cannot be without, and Hotel Buyer has plenty to choose from. Shower shelves and soap dishes are an absolute must, and such glass fittings add to the look of a hotel room without distracting from the design.

Finally, there is plenty in the way of bathroom hygiene, with bins and sanitary bags, as well as quality-assurance toilet trips being part of Hotel Buyer’s bathroom repertoire.

Hotel Electricals

Hotel Buyer’s selection of electrical equipment for hotels meets every demands from the discerning hotel manager. Most hotels and bed & breakfasts provide kettles, and Hotel buyer goes one step further and provides welcome trays, complete with built-in anti-theft kettles and tidy holders for the complimentary coffee, tea and sugar.

Hairdryers are expected by most guests, and Hotel Buyer supplies a broad range of luxurious options, with optional wall and even drawer mountings proving to be particularly popular. And be assured – all hairdryers follow their strict hotel safety laws on cable length and ultra-safe press-only switches.

Ironing is a vital for those enjoying longer hotel stays, and Hotel Buyer’s irons give hotel managers the choice between steam and dry varieties, with the as a choice of ironing boards to match, and even some great-value ironing centres. As with the hairdryers, all hotel Buyer’s irons follow hotel room safety laws, including automatic cut-off on irons that are sitting idle during use.

Further items in Hotel Buyer’s bedroom electricals offering include safes – vital in a new age of tablets and laptops – and everybody’s favourite: the hotel minibar!

Hotel Housekeeping

The unsung heroes in all hotels are the house keeping staff, and Hotel Buyer has everything they need to keep the rooms looking brand new – such as the laundry trollies and housekeeping carts we’ve all seen on our way to checkout.

Cleaning chemicals are never seen buy the guest, but behind the scenes a dazzling array of floor polishes, glass cleaners, carpet cleaning liquids, furniture polishes and, of course, bathroom and toilet cleaners are all locked away, ready to have the rooms sparkling and ready for the next guest.

Also on hand to help are Hotel Buyer’s extra housekeeping accessories, such as the crucial wet floor signs, safety notices for the bathrooms and bedrooms,  as well as air fresheners and storage bags for hotel bedding.

Finally, Hotel Buyer provides all the actual cleaning equipment the housekeeping and janitorial staff need on a day-to-day basis: mops, vacuum cleaners, dusters (don’t forget the high-level dusting!), dustpans and brushes, and a host of buckets, cloths and gloves. Thanks to Hotel Buyer’s tools of cleanliness, hotel staff will have every room looking their best, every time.




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