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Free Bird Film - Hotel Video Production

Free Bird Film is a Hotel video production company and social enterprise.

We produce a whole range of video genres from promotional to event, from case study to social media, and specialise in for the hospitality industry.

We guarantee professionalism and unrivalled flexibility in where we go and what we do, and have travelled globally to produce films for our clients.

We understand that high quality videos add value to businesses – so we use the best cameras on the market to capture stunning footage of people, stories and places.

We are a social enterprise

A portion of our profits goes toward making films for NGOs and charities pro bono. By making a film with us, you help tell the stories of under-privileged and marginalised people around the world.

Our process

We work with our clients to establish and agree on a script, schedule and scope, and don’t charge anything for pre-production. Then we film, edit, animate, sound design, colour grade, export and upload your video as quickly as you want – and we don’t charge extra for revisions. Our process is fine tuned so that we are a reliable Hotel video production studio.

Hotel video production – Aerial photography

We have the capacity to legally conduct drone work and aerial photography at competitive rates. We create affordable, professional Hotel video production.

We work internationally

Our work takes us all over the world – from Vietnam to Costa Rica, from California to Ethiopia, from London to Dubai. We are happy to travel anywhere in the world to get the job done.

A happy medium in Hotel Video Production

We have the get-up-and-go mindset and flexibility of a freelance videographer, but the quality, professionalism and experience of a large-scale Hotel video production house.





Jake Hatt – CEO – Free Bird Film

Expert in Hotel Video Production

Jake is the CEO of Free Bird Film, an award-winning social enterprise video production company. He has a wide breadth of experience in video production and direction and has created a plethora of video content for many different businesses over the last five years.




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