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enomatic is the world leader in hotel wine preservation and hotel wine dispensers, pouring over 40 million glasses of wine every year.

enomatic was created to offer a premium wines by glass offering creating a more profitable business model for businesses across the hospitality industry. Wine-by-the-glass sales increase turnover and are more profitable than bottle sales. State-of-the-art inert gas wine preservation prevents wine from being altered by oxygen and protects its organoleptic integrity (taste, aroma, body, and colour) for up to 21 days.

enomatic’s quality control provides customers with confidence that wines are always fresh and served at their optimum temperatures. Patented preservation technology and automatic self-cleaning of the pouring spout, allow these systems to operate with the highest hygiene and ensure superb wine quality. Wastage is eliminated, and profits are maximised. Hotel wine dispensers / Hotel wine preservation systems are available for back bar service by staff or in a customer self-service environment.

Enosoft software is designed to capture data for all customer staff and hotel wine dispensers transactions and has a powerful back-end statistics platform that can be tailored to generate bespoke reports in a cross-referenced format.

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Second to None

Enomatic’s advanced features and elegant design come together to provide the perfect hotel wine dispensers for either a back-bar or self-service setting.

Interactive LCD touch screens, wallpaper selection, adjustable lighting, dual temperature control and patented tapping head technology are just a few of the elements that ensure the Roma Series stands out from the crowd.

Combining the Roma with our full suite of software extends functionality, providing further tools to assist in developing your business, eliminating waste and maximising profits.

Simply unique, designed to provide the ultimate experience in self service hotel wine dispense and hotel wine preservation.

Hotel Wine Preservation – The Simple Way

Our nitrogen hotel wine preservation system was primarily designed to alleviate the hassle commonly associated with the ordering and handling of high pressure cylinders. It’s compact size, quiet output and low operating pressure allow for simple and safe installation in any location.

The microprocessor within the system continually monitors for pressure and temperature variation ensuring a leak free system. Producing high purity nitrogen on demand eliminates the ongoing need for costly gas cylinder refills.

Hotel Wine Dispensers – Software:

Enomatic created a suite of software to monitor and control the flow of information from hotel wine card enabled systems.

Each type of software is designed to enable the creation of pre-charged wine cards to be used for dispensing, staff and technical cards to operate the system, from small businesses who do not wish to record data, to large installations to record all data sent via the dispensers for monitoring and control purposes.

• Create rechargeable wine cards with customisation options.
• Create and manage the database according to type of wine, consumption, customer data, etc.
• Organise transactions by hour/day/month/year,
• Control dispensers remotely: Temperature, activation, wine offering.
• Monitor all service operations carried out by staff.
• Set happy hour pricing

For businesses with more than one location, software is also available to allow multiple outlets to share data and allow customers to use their cards across the brand.



Hotel Wine Dispensers / Hotel Wine Preservation
Hotel Wine Dispensers / Hotel Wine Preservation
Hotel Wine Dispensers / Hotel Wine Preservation
Hotel Wine Dispensers / Hotel Wine Preservation
Hotel Wine Dispensers / Hotel Wine Preservation
Hotel Wine Dispensers / Hotel Wine Preservation



Hotel Wine Dispensers / Hotel Wine Preservation

Sally McGill - Commercial Director - Enomatic UK Ltd – Hotel Wine Dispensers / Hotel Wine Preservation

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