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Edith et Marcel - Luxury Hotel Slippers

Edith and Marcel offers high-end luxury hotel slippers entirely made in France for ultimate refinement, with a story based on the quality of the leather, the French know-how and the love of details.

Looking for a special gift your customers could buy at your boutique or that you could offer them (for VIP) ?

We would love to create the perfect hotel slipper with your logo embroidered or at the colour of your company. Let’s create something which will last forever and embody the quality of service you are offering to your clients.

Our universe is an invitation to luxury, chic and passion.

Luxury Indoor Shoes for Hotels

Edith et Marcel are a company that prides themselves on everything France has to offer, revelling in the romance and luxury that has long since been associated with a country that is capitalised by Paris, city of love.

Still a young company, Edith et Marcel, formed by Aurelie Varin in June 2018, already has it’s sights set on the big leagues.

The company, inherently French in it’s inception, with everything from the leather to the tissue in the shoe boxes being sourced and made in France, using only the very best materials France has to offer and utilising the skills of craftsmen who have honed their skills across France.

The luxury indoor shoes themselves, crafted from high quality leather and suede, exude luxury with every step. And as Aurelie says, if you can dress elegantly when you leave the house, why can’t you also be elegant in the comfort of your own hotel room with our luxury indoor shoes for hotels.

Luxury Hotel Slippers – Our Story

In tribute to the passionate romance of Edith Piaf and Marcel Cerdan in the late 40s, the brand is a symbol of French refinement : the quality of leather, an attention to every single detail, the timeless and resolutely in their time colors… this is the essence of this luxury brand, a definition of the elegance “a la française”.

These values ​​of quality and authenticity are also illustrated by the choice of partners. Because every detail counts and that it is crucial to be consistent: this shoe is a Made-in-France concept by itself: the design was made in Paris, the leather comes from Chateauroux (Chanel Group Tannery), manufacturing is Norman, the tissue paper comes from the Pyrénées, the shoe box is from Sarthe and labels of Aix-en-Provence. Even the hand sewing of the Monceau collection is made by fingers of French fairies… Timeless luxury hotel slippers.



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