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Hotel Self Service Bar Systems

Drink Command, the worldwide pioneer in the hotel self service bar systems showcase, where the client can pour a pint by using a self-serve tap, reclaimed against prepaid credit. With many establishments universally, serving more than 5,000,000 pints per year, Drink Command has a demonstrated reputation. Clients approach the unit, presenting themselves with the ideal 16 ounces. Holding up time is decreased, each brew is flawlessly cooled, no lining, no issue and they can return at whatever point they need. For administrators, more brew is sold with less staff, helping increment edge.

Hotel Self Service Bar Systems – The Mobile Beer Counter

The Mobile Beer Counter is a draft lager system explicitly intended to address the issues of the bigger/higher volume scene. In a perfect world fit to Stadiums, Conference Centers, Hotels, Banqueting, and so on, these units offer prevalent brew quality and the majority of the highlights related with our quality self pour frameworks – all inside an alluring independent and exceptionally portable unit. These units can pour four distinct items and offer a one of a kind client experience.

The Mobile Beer Wall

The Mobile Beer Walls is intended to offer a portable and measured form of our fixed arrangements. Preferably fit to any setting where space is at a higher cost than expected or in regions where it’s hard to get funneled brew/cooling. Like our other portable frameworks, these units offer superior lager quality and the majority of the highlights related with our quality hotel self service bar systems – all inside an appealing ‘independent’ and exceptionally versatile unit. Being exceptionally versatile and particular, Mobile Beer Walls (MBWs) can offer the same number of taps/items as are regarded essential for most extreme effect and for the best client experience.

Hotel Self Service Bar Systems – Fixed Beer Wall

The Fixed Beer Wall is a draft lager systems incorporated with a divider, island or any perpetual installation in the structure that enables clients to pour their very own brew from any measure of various brew handles. It is demonstrated to build benefits and drive deals, giving an ensured profit for your speculation.

Portable Beer Tables

Portable Beer Tables have screens installed in them that enable the client to see precisely how much lagers they have expended. Profoundly versatile and fitted with a Rotating Self Serve Beer Tower, the frameworks work on a free encoded WiFi arrange. Everything is directed by a controller that sits behind the bar and deals with the majority of your lager administering bar tables. Highlights/benefits are in the same manner as the Mobile Beer Counters, in a perfect world appropriate for gatherings just as individual clients. CATEGORIES

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