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Direct Digital was founded in 1999 when our directors envisioned building a company that could provide other businesses with more direct and rewarding ways of communicating with their audience.

We are an international marketing and digital signage company that supplies and installs digital display systems into businesses across various industries across the globe these include; prestige hotels, hospitals, medical facilities, postal services, realtors and highly reputable golf clubs.

Supplier Details

Direct Digital aspires to raise the standard of company to customer communications in private and public sectors across the globe. Providing innovative digital signage and visual communications solutions across industries and countries, creating expansive advertising networks for local businesses and worldwide brands.

We succeed when we help businesses big and small succeed, helping them to directly inform customers in an impressive and rewarding way.

We believe in the power of innovation and performance. Our service is focused on bringing in more engagement for the company we are invested to, at a particular time. The perfect ratio of flexibility of exploring the multi-diversity of customer services and the rigidity of abidance to the ethics of the protocol in which we function, is one of the most unique characteristics of business that we follow.

Over 21 years of commercial success and technological innovation has seen the core team continually expand, growing into an industry leading digital signage and visual communications provider respected and trusted by small local businesses and global organizations alike.

Direct Digital are the leading provider of digital guest information totems purposely built for the tourism industry. The modern day business and tourist traveller is sophisticated, adventurous and wants to know first-hand all the great businesses and options that are on the hotels doorstep. Our sleek touch screen totems recommend to guests where to dine, where to relax, shop, entertainment, nightlife, and many more fantastic local attractions.

Our in-house touch screens are utilised by the most reputable hotel brands in the world, providing timely guest information and acting as an innovative extension to the hotel concierge and reception staff. Our technology gives you an easy and effective way to communicate with ‘ready to spend’ customers.

After years of building our extensive North American network, we now proudly work alongside 700 site locations and have over 20000 business clients.





Adam Peet - Head of Media - Direct Digital – Bespoke Digital Signage

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