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Supplier Overview

CRU Kafe is an Organic, Fairtrade coffee company. We specialise in supplying hotel bedrooms with single serve products but also supply Beans and Ground as well. A breakdown of offering as follows:

  • Products: Coffee Capsules (Nespresso Compatible), Coffee Bags, Beans & Ground Coffee.
  • Eco-Credentials: Always Organic, Fairtrade and Ethically sourced.
  • Recycling: 100% recyclable packaging and a recycling service for our capsules.
  • Presentation Solutions: Yes. E.g. we can offer bespoke solutions such as our Hotel Boxes for capsules, co-branded inserts, tented booklets with flavours, taste notes etc.
  • Other Values: Premium and cost efficient.
Supplier Details

CRU Kafe is an independent coffee company based in the UK. Our focus is on supplying coffee that is always Fairtrade, always Organic and always ethically sourced. To us ‘ethical coffee’ means 100% Organic and Fairtrade coffee packed in 100% recyclable materials – better for our environment as well as our grower communities.

We’ve grown quickly across the hospitality sector as a reliable, local and quality supplier that is cost-efficient and helps hotels maintain a very premium image. We already supply over 10,000+ hotel rooms across the UK and Europe and our clients vary from chic and boutique independent hotels to the larger hotel groups operational across the world.





Guy Faith - Head of Sales - CRU Kafe – Organic and Fairtrade Coffee for Hotel Bedrooms

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