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CrewPlanner - Hotel Management Service

CrewPlanner is the online staff planning tool for the flexible labor market. A leader in Hotel Management Software, catering, events, staffing agencies, and facilities management. With CrewPlanner you can easily onboard staff, manage their data, draw up schedules, clock in/out, create time sheets, create documents, sign contracts, and export anything and everything. Our solution minimizes the chance of mistakes, whilst also saving you time and money.

Hotel Management Service Made Easy

Manage everything staff related in one place. Build rosters, organize staff, plan shifts, build events, set working hours and locations, our staff scheduling tool offers maximum flexibility from the start. No more excel sheets and multiple tools; CrewPlanner does it all directly from your browser or your phone.

CrewPlanner is more than a database – it empowers your staff and allows them to proactively manage their shifts and availability. We make Hotel Management Software easy and accessible.

Creating time sheets, tracking pay, and organizing staff has never been easier.

As well as your shifts, you can organize your team, rotas, and one off events quickly all within the software. CrewPlanner is not just a projects tool, it’s a complete HR solution, taking you from staff onboarding & compliance all the way to exporting to payroll.

Empowering your staff via our employee app

Everything is within reach on a free user-friendly app for employees, clients, and managers. Your employees can easily indicate availability on a shift or day basis, digitally sign legal documents & contracts, clock in and out, synchronize their calendar and receive messages. The app makes all this possible for your team from any smartphone or tablet.

No more excuses for not knowing their shift or recording the wrong hours. Push notifications directly to employee’s phones so they never miss a shift or a message from a manager again. No one is without a phone and no employee should be without CrewPlanner. We supply easy to use Hotel Management Software for all staff.

Hotel Management Service – Clock in & out

Our clocking in & out system uses Geo-tagged photographs so you know exactly who is clocking in and where. Staff can clock in from any phone, tablet, or web browser. This can even be installed into a permanent tablet device on your premises. This ensures that the employees are on site, reduce the chance of errors and save time as hours worked do not have to be processed manually. No chance an employee can be clocked in by a friend or start their clock early off site. Take control of your staff without the need for expensive additional hardware.

Staff database, skill tracking & rating

Manage the data of your employees in a database where you can consult and/or edit all their data. This includes a personal photos, legal documents, contracts, skills and availability calendar. In this database, you can also save all relevant documents of your employees, payroll information, contract rules, and much more.

In order to ensure that you get the most out of your employees and their abilities, it is essential that you assess them based on your own criteria. Skill profiles of your employees are automatically built up with each project, creating a list of skills and ratings from supervisors.

Export to payroll, pay staff, invoice events and run reports using Hotel Management Software

Export staff performance, create reports, day and week planning, create employee lists or export timesheets – all this can be done quickly and simply. Build and export your reports as XLS, CSV or PDF files.

It is also possible to link with your accountancy tool, process pay and invoice event bookings directly from within CrewPlanner.

We offer integrations with many systems and tools and can build any connection you may need.



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