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Corkcicle - Modern Hotel Drinkware

Corkcicle is a global lifestyle brand that makes cool things.

The creators at Corkcicle have reimagined drinkware, barware, cooler bags and now, lunch bags, as fashion accessories. The brand offers a wide range of premium, design-focused products that are stylish alternatives to single use plastic, in order to be a top Drinkware Supplier. Corkcicle is innovative in their sleek, ergonomic design and social responsibility. They have worked collaboratively with some of the most premium brands and are continuously expanding and are thrilled to offer their best-selling products to the hotel and hospitality industry. We provide quality products to give you the best experience in Modern Hotel Drinkware.

Modern Hotel Drinkware – Insulated Canteens and Tumblers

Corkcicle’s best-selling, design-driven drinkware, was made to keep you cool on the go, wherever you go. All products in this category keep drinks cold and hot for hours, have flat, easy-grip sides and non-slip silicone bottoms for the ultimate sipping experience.

Canteen is the coolest water bottle ever. It keeps any beverage ice-cold for a full 25 hours, or hot for up to 12. Whether it’s white wine, cellar-temp red wine, water, sports drinks, iced coffee, piña coladas, soda, mixed cocktails, or vodka, Canteen ensures that every sip is the best one yet. They’re perfect for delighting guests as in-room gifts, or for stocking at your hotel bar as premium, branded gifts for purchase. Available in multiple sizes and a range of stunning colours and finishes.

Available sizes include 9oz (270mL), 16oz (475mL), 20oz (600mL) 25oz (750mL), 40oz (1200mL) and 60oz (1775mL) sizes.

Tumbler is the vacuum-sealed wonder cup that was made to keeps any beverage ice cold for 9+ hours—that’s two times longer than plastic tumblers. Even in the sun, ice will last for hours, making it the perfect pool companion. Winter time? Tumbler also keeps drinks hot for up to 3 hours, so it’s great for stocking by your resort’s coffee bar or café. We aim to be a top Hotel Drinkware Supplier. The perfect blend of form and function, each Tumbler comes topped with a stylish, sip-through, spill-resistant lid equipped with a built-in slider to maintain the perfect temperature in between sips. Available in 12oz (355mL), 16oz (475mL) and 24oz (700mL) sizes and a range of stunning colors and finishes.

Each product in Corkcicle’s drinkware lineup is complementary to the elevated nuances of the hotel and hospitality industry. They are truly crafted to make every sip an experience and delight a variety of travellers, from honeymooners to families and retirees. The world’s finest hotels deserve the world’s finest cups and bottles, and Corkcicle drinkware Supplier delivers.

Modern Hotel Drinkware – Stemless Wine Cups & Flutes

Cheers to elevating every elegant sip.

Lose the stem. Keep the cool. Corkcicle’s Stemless drinkware is perfect for making any occasion a celebration and lends itself well to the laidback nature of the resort experience. They’re triple-insulated and go where glass can’t, so they’re perfect for the pool, the beach, the park — wherever. They’re made from super-cooling stainless steel that’s designed to last. So you can break open a bottle. Not your glass. Elevate your look with these Modern Hotel Drinkware.

Available in 12oz (355mL) Stemless Wine Cup, and 7oz (200mL) Stemless Flute.


It wouldn’t be a proper vacation without a drink or two. Corkcicle’s prestigious barware line features sleek, elevated products that will look chic on your lobby bar, pool cabana and beyond. Our Whiskey Wedge gives a new slant to sipping spirits, featuring a visually arresting ice wedge that instantly elevated any drink from scotch to tequila and beyond. Looking for something more colorful for your resort gift shop? Our Arctican can cooler keeps canned and bottled beverages chilled with its triple insulation and comes in a variety of on-trend colors to fit your vibe.


Lunch never looked so good. Corkcicle’s chic, sleek, food-safe Luch Bags keep your favorite food insulated from sunrise to snack time. Baldwin Boxer is a modern take on the classic lunchbox. It’s perfect for everything from sandwiches to sushi and comes equipped with an external loop to hold your favorite Corkcicle Canteen. Adair Crossbody is the most beautiful lunchbox ever. Cool half-moon silhouette. Extra-long crossbody strap. Fours fresh colors. We arent just Hotel Drinkware Suppliers. Each of our bags make the perfect addition to your on-site gift shop. Make your glass a extension of your fashion with Modern Hotel Drinkware.


Undeniably convenient. Uncommonly cool. Corkcicle Coolers feature an elegant exterior, ultra-insulated interior and keep contents cold all day long. Ice stays frozen for up to 24 hours. Cooler Bags come in a variety of on-trend silhouettes, including our super-portable, hands-free Eola Bucket Bag and classic Virginia Tote. They’re perfect for the pool, the park, music festivals and more. Wow your hotel guests with the best bags ever. We want to be number 1 in Modern Hotel Drinkware.






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