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Supplier Overview

Concept Amenities – Concept Amenities prides itself on supplying quality luxury guest amenities

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Concept Amenities – Concept Amenities prides itself on supplying quality luxury guest amenities.

Far from being just a provider of luxury hotel guest amenity products, we are intrinsically linked to the creation and development of memorable guest experiences. This mindset provides a clear focus for who we are and what we do best. While our goal is delivering the best in sensory indulgences, it will only ever be good enough for us if we deliver them in a manner that is fully aligned with our values and the positive role we believe we should be playing in the world we live in.

Luxury hotel guest amenity collections

Concept Amenities’ luxury hotel guest amenity collections are an exclusive portfolio of hotel guest amenity ranges that have been developed to enhance the in-room hotel guest experience. Each range is truly unique and designed to create unforgettable moments. They feature retail fashion, fragrance and lifestyle brands as well as luxury lines developed by Concept Amenities. They are available for the 4-5 star plus hotel market sold directly through Concept Amenities.

The luxury hotel guest amenity collection can provide you and your guest with well-known branded amenities such as MOR Emporium, Linden Leaves, French Connection, Jean Michel Cousteau, V!VE and MILK.

Classic hotel guest amenity collections

Concept Amenities’ classic collections are a beautiful collection of guest amenities that have been specifically created to cater for the 4 star and midscale accommodation providers. By stirring and awakening the senses, they can create truly special and memorable experiences for your guests.

Each of our ranges within classic collections contains signature fragrances, nourishing extracts and biodegradable plastic packaging. This extensive collection includes brands such as Eco Fresh, Basic Earth Botanicals, Eartherapy, Pure Beach, Kudos Spa and Ecossential Elements.

Customisation programmes to create brand identity

At Concept Amenities, we understand that one doesn’t fit all and we appreciate how important it is in some cases to keep your own brand identity. If this is how you feel, we would be more than happy to work with you on developing your own range of guest amenities. Our design team will take you through the entire process step-by-step to personalise your collection with distinction; from the design of the packaging such as the colour palette, textures, and fragrance, every detail is considered.

Eco-friendly products, packaging and initiatives

We are passionate about making a real difference in the world. This starts with our commitment to minimising waste and developing eco-friendly products, and extends into the creation of initiatives that make a real difference to people’s lives.

In sync with the hospitality industry we are strongly conscious of the impact we have on the environment and the growing eco-consciousness of guests. Our environmental stewardship is a fundamental expression of our values. Our approach extends into every aspect of our products.

Packaging is always considered and constantly reviewed to ensure it is as eco-responsible as possible. No finished products are tested on animals. Soaps are moisture-rich and formulated from vegetable-based ingredients. Liquids are blended from high-quality biodegradable ingredients and enriched with natural and organic extracts. Each product range features paraben-free formulations that do not contain any unwanted preservatives.



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