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Supplier Details

Hotel Wall Cladding

Composite Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd specialise in manufacturing products from GRP (glass reinforced plastics). We manufacture many products including NoTile™ – hygienic hotel wall cladding designed to look like tiles. The panels incorporate silver antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria including MRSA, Salmonella and Aspergillus Niger (black mould). Easy to cut, fit and clean, the panels are available in several different tile styles.

Already used in McDonalds, Sainsburys, M&S food halls, leisure facilities, bathrooms, kitchens, changing rooms and anywhere hygiene is paramount. A realistic, fast and clean alternative to ceramic tiles and standard wall cladding.

Hotel Wall Cladding – NoTile™ Specification

Manufactured in large sheets to cover floor to ceiling areas. We currently produce 8 different styles of tile and the size of the sheet is determined by the style of the tile (standard size is approximately 2400 x 1800mm).  The panels can be used in kitchens, showers, wetrooms, bathrooms, toilets and anywhere where hygiene is paramount.

White is traditionally held in stock but any standard RAL colour is available, we can also colour match on request.

NoTile™ Fitting and Joining

Manufactured from GRP, the panels are approx. 2-3mm in thickness and are easily cut, drilled and sanded to fit. They are applied to walls using a grab adhesive. They are flexible and can be easily fixed to plaster, wood, brick and even over existing tiles.

CFM Ltd will supply all adhesive and jointing materials.

Hotel Wall Cladding – NoTile™ The hygienic alternative

The panels are protected with a silver antimicrobial additive. This technology reduces the growth of bacteria and mould by up to 99.9% over a 24hr period.

Tiled environments are breeding grounds for bacteria and mould, which readily reproduce in warm, moist conditions. Silver is particularly effective against black mould that looks unsightly on surfaces, is extremely difficult to remove and shortens the life of the décor.


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