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Ceyla Lacerda - Luxury Hotel Textiles

CEYLA LACERDA is a family company creating beautiful, soft and ethical Luxury Hotel Textiles.

Out knitted throws and cushions are warm and cosy, as well as being the perfect decorative pieces to enhance your decor.

Our brand was born from a woman’s passion and desire to create products that combine comfort and refinement with design and ethics. In our São Paulo workshop, we work with quality raw materials in an eco-friendly way to produce Luxury Hotel Textiles.

Where Design meets Ethics

CEYLA LACERDA’s collections are inspired by its founder’s identity as a Brazilian woman and by her career as a fashion model and a mosaic artist.

Bold graphic patterns, subtle lines and tasteful colors – our collections stand out by their elegance and creativity.

Our throws and cushion covers are knitted in our São Paolo workshop, and while some of them are designed by Ceyla Lacerda herself, others are the result of a co-creation with indigenous tribes in Brazil. Inspired by the natural environment and heritage of her native country, these new collections pay homage to the cultures of the Amazon rainforest, highlighting their precious heritage with remarkably contemporary designs. We provide the best quality in Luxury Hotel Textiles.

Our goal at CEYLA LACERDA is to create an equitable cooperation with men and women willing to share their culture with the world in order to promote their cause and guarantee sustainable revenues to their community.

Luxury Hotel Textiles – The Tekoá Tape Mirim Collection

The soft, warm throws and cushion covers from this collection are adorned with traditional patterns and drawings created by members of the Tekoá Tape Mirim tribe, in Brazil. These men and women accepted to share with us their art and mythology in order to create a unique selection of Luxury Hotel Textiles.

The small Tekoá Tape Mirim indigenous community, as many others in Brazil, has lost all of its traditional land. Today, they live in overcrowded reservations and suffer from extreme poverty.

In a spirit of equity and fairness and in order to support their struggle for financial independence, 15% of the sale price of this collection goes to this village. We want everyone to benefit from our Luxury Hotel Textiles.

This mutually beneficial collaboration is the first of a long series and our brand is already forging new partnerships with other Brazilian native peoples.

By giving a part of the sale price to native communities, we put our passion to good use by helping the peoples who make Brazil so rich.

The Patterns of Brazil Collection – Luxury Hotel Textiles

Every yarn weaves a story, and our throws and cushion covers from the Brazilian Patterns collection tell the story of a forest boasting exceptional wildlife and vegetation, home to proud indigenous tribes, with our Luxury Hotel Textiles.

This collection is a window onto the unexpected splendors of the land where our brand was born – Brazil.

Vegetal patterns, symmetrical designs, intertwined lines and geometric forms – this collection pays homage to the cultures of the Amazon rainforest highlighting their precious, century-old heritage with remarkably contemporary designs.

More About Ceyla Lacerda

Born in Sao Paulo, designer Ceyla Lacerda made her debut in the artistic world due to pure chance at the end of the 1980s. She was working behind the scenes for a modelling agency, when a picture of her got mixed up with those of professional models… And just like that, her career was launched!

In 1988, she arrived in Paris to work for talented designers and iconic labels – Chanel, Christian Dior, YSL, Kenzo, Rochas, Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre, Oscar de la Renta…

As she worked with these great couturiers, she discovered the magic of creation, from the birth of an idea to its final result, made of the most beautiful yarns and fabrics.

From fashion, she later moved on to the world of mosaics, where she learned how to put together colors and textures. Just like in couture, she was amazed by the beauty that emerges from the combination of materials, colors and shapes.

In 2008, her interest for the richness of materials and her keen taste for aesthetics inspired her to create her own brand of Luxury Hotel Textiles – CEYLA LACERDA.



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Ceyla Lacerda – Director

Expert in Luxury Hotel Textiles

I arrived in Paris in 1988, at the beginning of my modeling career . The world of fashion was booming and it was an exciting time for me. I had the chance to parade on the podiums of the world for many talented designers and legendary houses  : Chanel, Christian Dior, YSL, Kenzo, Rochas, Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre, Oscar de la Renta …



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