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CBD Products for Hotels - DropCBD

DropCBD – one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of CBD products for hotel.

All DropCBD products are manufactured by the B&H LAB LTD team in our custom-built, GMP compliant facility. We have always kept the quality of our products as our highest priority – that’s why our range of premium CBD products for hotels are made only from certified ingredients.

With more than 10 years of experience in producing cosmetic products, dietary supplements, vape e-liquids for customers all around the world, we have successfully achieved excellent customer loyalty in the market and established great partnerships with the best suppliers of CBD ingredients.

CBD Products for Hotels
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CBD Products for Hotels - DropCBD

Certified CBD Products for Hotels

All of our CBD products for hotels are made in the EU, using high-quality CBD produced in Switzerland. The ingredients have been tested and certified by the leading CBD laboratories in Europe – Alplant and PhytoVista Laboratories.

CBD Products for Hotels: Skincare

The best UK CBD cosmetics 2020. All of our CBD products for hotels are made with 98% natural ingredients . NO PARABENS, NO PEGS ,NO MINERALOIL, NO SILICONES, NO PROPILENGLYCOL. Luxurious skin and body care will leave your skin smooth and silky, deeply rejuvenating, moisturising and toning up.

CBD Face Cream WITH NATURAL BOTOX 250mg 50ml (Airless Packing)

The face cream obviously reduces the signs of skin ageing by reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress to the skin, deeply rejuvenating, moisturising and toning up the skin. These CBD products for hotels stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Provides immediate reduction of mimic wrinkles. Normalises epithelization process.

CBD Anti-aging eye gel WITH NATURAL BOTOX 50mg 15ml (Airless packing)

Inhibits the ageing process of the skin and provides immediate reduction of mimic wrinkles. Advanced skin moisturisers and antioxidants provides a long-lasting skin lifting effect. These CBD products for hotels effectively combat free radicals, stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

CBD Face serum WITH NATURAL BOTOX 150mg 30ml (Airless packing)

Restores hydrolipidic layer of the skin, providing excellent skin moisturising, immediate smoothening of mimic wrinkles and prevents ageing-induced skin changes. Reduces skin sensitivity, and restores skin elasticity. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen. These CBD products for hotels help maintain the health of capillaries and veins.

CBD Gel face mask 100mg 50ml (Airless packing)

Deeply moisturises the skin and reduces its sensitivity and redness. Soothes, heals and has an anti-inflammatory effect. These CBD products for hotels help the skin become silky and soft.

CBD Facial skin cleanser 50mg 100ml

Preserves the natural protective properties of the skin, normalises the epithelization process. These CBD products for hotels excellently prevents dry skin, makes the skin soft, shiny, supple and moisturises it.

CBD Products for Hotels: Body Care

CBD Body Milk 250mg 250ml- Body milk, rich in natural antioxidants, improves the skin’s ability to fight free radicals, intensively nourishes and protects the skin from premature ageing. Deeply moisturises and strengthens the skin structure.

CBD Hand cream 90mg 30ml – Cream with a rich natural antioxidant complex intensively nourishes hands skin. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals and strengthen the skin’s protective functions, thus preventing the ageing process of the skin. The cream is quickly absorbed and skin becomes soft and silky. These CBD products for hotels are rich in vitamins to protect hand skin from elasticity loss, and helps preserve and restore skin resilience.

Icy cooling and calming CBD muscle gel 300mg 100ml- Improves lymphatic drainage, stabilises metabolic processes in tissues, cools. Relieves pain, quickly restores, and ensures easy and free movements. A special combination of plant extracts, oils and minerals allows eliminating the metabolic by-products after physical activity. Active ingredients remove lactic acid from muscle tissues and restore fluid-and-electrolyte balance in tissues. Our CBD products for hotels helps to stabilise the chemical processes in muscles, prevents load-induced metabolic imbalances, nourishes, moisturises, heals and restores skin’s protective function.

Hotel CBD Products and CBD Oils

CBD Oil is a full spectrum cannabidiol oil, produced from high-quality industrial hemp cultivated in Switzerland and tested by independent third-party laboratories. We have full control of our CBD products for hotels right from the start – from buying seeds to cultivating and harvesting, as well as extraction, refinement, and packaging. Our production involves organic extraction to ensure purity, avoiding any chemical solvents.

There are 4 types of CBD oil :

  • CBD oil for daytime use – with added chia seed oil to keep you energised;
  • CBD oil for night-time use- with added chamomile oil to help you get a good night’s sleep:
  • Regular CBD oil, which will keep you calm and well-balanced throughout the whole day.
  • Recovery CBD oil (THC free)- with added avocado oil to assist muscle tissue recovery, recover after sports activities and stay sharp all through the day.

In addition to that, our CBD products for hotels that are CBD oils are made with MCT oil, which provides energy for your body and brain, and can help with weight loss.
Available in 30 ml bottles, with a CBD content 500, 1000 or 1500 mg.

DROP clean disinfectant

Antimicrobial agent in a product formulated for the Hospital, Livestock, Food & Beverage, and Personal Hygiene sectors to protect hands. Ready to use gel for effective hand protection against bacteria, fungi, and viruses for household, medical, and health care use. Customer and Professional use.

Our CBD products for hotels and disinfectants are ready to use for hand and surface disinfection. Available non-alcoholic and with 75+% alcohol. Different odours and product types:

  • DROP CLEAN Anti Bacterial Wipes (with alcohol, grapefruit or aloe vera scent)
  • DROP Disinfectant gel Sachets (with alcohol and grapefruit/spearmint or natural scent)
  • Drop Clean Disinfection Spray (with alcohol and non-alcohol, spearmint, natural and grapefruit scent)
CBD Products for Hotels



CBD Products for Hotels
CBD Products for Hotels
CBD Products for Hotels
CBD Products for Hotels
CBD Products for Hotels
CBD Products for Hotels
CBD Products for Hotels

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