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CAPE SPC – Hotel Bedbug Detection

Cape SPC are the only company in the UK with British Pest Control Association trained Bedbug Technicians who are dual qualified dog trainers. This means we are the only company who can train and maintain our own specialist Hotel Bedbug Detection dogs as well as deliver immediate, licensed treatments when required. This ensures the most consistent accuracy and successful eradication available.

We use only environmentally friendly treatment options and can search up to 50 units, per team, per day.

What are bedbugs and how can they impact us?

Bedbugs are small, reddish-brown parasitic insects that bite exposed skin to feed on the blood of humans and animals. Introduction to an unaffected environment is usually through luggage, bags, clothing or second-hand furniture, which they attach to or hide within. They are attracted to the Carbon Dioxide we exhale which is naturally most concentrated whilst we are immobile during sleep and the most common time for Bedbug activity. Therefore, the risk of encountering bedbugs increases if you spend time in places with high turnovers of night-time guests. We are Hotel Bedbug Detection specialists.

Bed bugs are posing huge problems and becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the UK.

There can be thousands of bedbugs in an infested room and a single bedbug bite to a customer can be detrimental to a company’s reputation resulting in significant financial loss.

Additionally, bedbugs leave blood spots on their trails which can stain linen and clothing and replacement can be costly. Their evidence can also be seen on furniture and infested rooms can be unavailable for weeks if the infestation has been allowed to become severe.

Court cases involving customers who have sought compensation following encounters with bedbugs are well documented and in some cases 5 figure settlements have been awarded. Get Hotel Bedbug Detection specialists before this happens to you.

What services do CAPE SPC offer?

CAPE SPC can tailor services to meet the needs of your business. Primarily we offer Bedbug management programme’s on a Proactive or Reactive basis dependent on a client’s requirements.

Proactive contracts

Best for high risk properties with regular footfall such as hotels, social housing and long-haul transport. These contracts are tailored to your needs but involve regular searches to ensure any infestations are identified and treated early to minimize disruption to your business. When required, Hotel Bedbug Detection tasks and follow ups are included free of charge.

Reactive contracts

Best for small businesses with low footfall such as long-term rental properties. We can provide 24hour call outs and pay as you go searches and treatments.

Bedbug infestations are becoming increasingly common and delivering our Proactive Contracts in partnership with our canine team is helping to prevent this for our customers and their wider community,

Our results speak for themselves and our records demonstrate an 87% reduction of infestations in high risk, long-term occupied properties within the first year on a proactive contract. In temporary accommodation (hotel rooms, holiday lets, unoccupied properties) we have also proven 98% of infestations to be clear at the first follow up.

Why use Hotel Bedbug Detection Dogs?

Bedbugs naturally omit a scent, which can be distinguished by our Hotel Bedbug Detection dogs and used to pinpoint infestations. Our Hotel Bedbug Detection dogs are trained inhouse specifically to detect the unique scent of bed bugs. They can tell the difference between dead and live bugs and will identify them in locations that the human eye can often miss. This early method of detection is a vital factor in successful eradication of bed bugs from your accommodation.

Accuracy and Speed – A dog’s nose is more than 40 times stronger than that of a human. Their olfaction allows them to detect bedbugs quicker and more accurately than a human technician.

Complete Peace of Mind – Hotel Bedbug Detection dogs are regarded as the most effective and least disruptive method of detection.

Complete Detection – Early infestations are sometimes difficult to find, even for the most experienced pest control technicians. The early stages begin with low numbers of pests hiding in the most difficult to see places, often as narrow as you can slot a piece of paper into.

Hardworking and Discreet – Our Hotel Bedbug Detection are highly trained and completely discreet.

CAPE SPC Treatment options

At CAPE SPC we use only environmentally friendly treatments to eradicate infestations. We are continuously working to innovate the bedbug industry and improve our results. We keep up to date with the latest in treatments and prefer to use multiple methods to optimize outcomes and increase efficiency. As well as traditional insecticides and pest control techniques we utilize heat to remove bedbugs from their environment.

Bedbugs at all stages of the life cycle die once their internal temperature reaches over 55 degrees C.

To deliver targeted and effective heat treatments we use steamers and a Heat Bubble.

Steamers are the most portable method to deliver heat. They allow us to be precise with the application and act on bedbugs quickly.

The heat bubble is the latest in heat treatment methods and is best used for the most severe infestations

The far infrared radiated heat is 100% safe for belongings and furniture and as opposed to convection heat there is no heat wasted to the surrounding environment.

The bubble is fully portable and made of a material that acts as thermal reflector and insulator. Six heating panels located in the bubble internal sides generate the far infrared heat that kills bedbugs and most other insects by degrading their protein molecules.





Luke Jones – Managing Director – CAPE SPC

Expert In Hotel Bedbug Detection

We specialise in exterminating pests using non-toxic and the latest treatment technologies alongside highly trained dogs. No matter what your pest problems, Cape SPC will eliminate them quickly, safely and effectively. Having pests can have a serious impact on your business including structural damage, stock damage and loss of custom. Cape SPC can help you and your staff to eradicate a wide range of pests like bed bugs and rodents, leaving you to focus on your customers!



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