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Hotel Front Cooking Stations

Front cooking as an attraction – Hotel front cooking stations are highly versatile in their use as an addition to an existing dining concept in hotels, for example: The hotel front cooking station’s mobile concept ensures that any event or buffet enriches the experience for guests.

Front cooking is a clear commitment to even better hospitality. Transparency and an experienced-based approach to show cooking automatically appeal to guests and serve as proof that your guests’ needs take priority. Front cooking is communicative, inclusive and individual,

providing customer focus, extra service and more feel-good atmosphere, including in your restaurant area, at the buffet, in your conference facilities or on the terrace.

The BLANCO COOK front cooking station also ensures that the good atmosphere is maintained thanks to the highly effective extraction and filter technology providing clean air in the guest area.

Hotel Front Cooking Stations – Turnover

With an approach based on fast preparation, front cooking not only shortens waiting times; it also delivers a valuable concept to provide your guests with an extra highlight, including special requests. This is where new potential lies for your hotel.

Hotel Front Cooking Stations – Trust

Transparency is in great demand from your customers. The trend towards organic, vegetarian or vegan, fair-trade, yet exquisite fare has become an established commodity. You can use this to your advantage: consistent freshness and quality are clearly evident in front cooking. The dialogue between chef and diner builds greater trust.

Front cooking will provide you with benefits, also from a sustainability and profitability perspective. The short preparation times increase turnover, the portions are just right and the use of ingredients is efficient. Modern stations such as BLANCO COOK also optimise energy use.

Hotel Front Cooking Stations – Let’s Get Cooking!

BLANCO COOK is specially designed to ensure rapid preparation times. Good preparation and proficient handling will enable you to achieve an extra portion of sales.

The diner is also drawn into the activity, which ensures everything is under control, even during peak hours. The workstation obviously remains clean and presentable in the process.

You can learn how to present masterfully, set up the perfect workflow and communicate confidently. We’re on hand to help – with personalised support from our specialists beforehand and in-depth training courses at our BLANCO Professional Academy.



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