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Supplier Details

AROMATISE - Hotel Fragrance Systems

Aromatise delivers luxury Hotel Fragrance Systems that will enchant your spaces. Get the perfect atmosphere by diffusing a carefully selected fragrance which will positively influence how your clientele perceive your brand.

Perfect for Lobby area, Corridors, Hotel Bar and Restaurant, Executive rooms, Meeting rooms. All our fragrances created by perfume designers. They are IFRA certified with no Allergens.

Signature Scent for Brand Identity

Smell is our most memorable sense. Give your hotel an AROMATISE signature scent that customers will remember you by. Use out Hotel Fragrance Solutions to keep your customers happy!

Free Perfumes Samples

We have the widest range of choice for all types of scents crafted by the best perfumers : Fresh, Woody, Floral, Aromatic Citrus, Oriental, etc….

Give us your fragrance preference and we will send you some free samples of our Hotel Fragrance Solutions for you to choose from.

The best Micro Nebulisation Hotel Fragrance Systems

AROMATISE uses the latest micro-nebulisation technology which guarantees that the perfume will be delivered in the most efficient way for the highest impact while minimising consumption.

Micro-nebulisation is a dry vapour that guarantees that the fragrance does not deposit on carpets or furnitures. Using these tech systems we are able to be a top supplier in Hotel Fragrance Systems.

Hotel Fragrance Systems for all types spaces

AROMATISE have diffusers for all sizes of spaces. Allowing you the very best in Hotel Fragrance Systems.

Large Hotel Lobbies, Cosy Sitting Rooms, Beauty Salon, Health Spa, Washrooms, they all need a different Hotel Fragrance Solutions and possibly a different type of scent. With our experience you can get the best of your own space.

Bluetooth and Wifi control

Setting up AROMATISE diffusers could not be easier due to us being experts in Hotel Fragrance Solutions. Operate our unique Bluetooth panel from your phone to modify settings and intensity on all your diffusers, even if they are hidden away.

For larger deployments in multiple locations, our WiFi controlled Diffusers will warn you by email when cartridges are running out.



Ambience (FFE)

Ambience (SMS)


Maureen Cintract – Director – Aromatise

Expert in Hotel Fragrance Solutions

A graduate from Central St Martins, After an initial career in Architecture and Stage Set Design, Maureen spent over 10 years working with the best brands in perfumery (Yves Saint Laurent, Estée Lauder) . She is now fully dedicated to the art of scent diffusion in the Hospitality Sector.



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