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Antiques for Hotels / Designer Hotel Lighting / Chinese Hotel Furniture

Atmosphère d’Ailleurs is an invitation to step out of time, to cross distant lands. To be moved by the poetry that emanates from unique pieces, to join their history.
For Thierry Grundman, travelling antiques dealer and founder of the brand, it is a passion of each moment… and a transmission.

Almost 30 years ago, when leaving the world of contemporary art, Thierry Grundman undertook to go “elsewhere”: towards other projects, towards other cultures. It was in India that THE meeting of his life took place and that the idea of a collection of unusual and rare pieces was born. What determines this choice? Their singularity. The emotion they arouse, the poetry that emerges from them, their timeless and universal beauty. Atmosphère d’Ailleurs was born.

« I marvel at the work of the man who, 100, 200 or 500 years ago, combined the useful and the beautiful in each daily object ».

Neither ostentation, nor emphasis. The discoveries of Thierry, witnesses of a lost know-how, a ritual or a gesture of the everyday life, shine by their simplicity and their evocative strength.

Atmosphère d’Ailleurs supply a range of antiques for hotels, designer hotel lighting, Chinese hotel furniture and much more.

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Atmosphère d’Ailleurs - Antiques for Hotels / Designer Hotel Lighting / Chinese Hotel Furniture


Long before the Wabi-Sabi philosophy became a strong trend in the world of decoration and before even knowing the name, Thierry’s choices were already oriented towards the beauty of imperfection, towards the modesty of an everyday use.

“Our materials are wrinkled from travel, nature, light… from life. Ageless Wabi-sabi with imperfect beauty… Inner poetry bearing the mark of Atmosphère d’Ailleurs”. This had been the signature of the brand, the DNA of Atmosphère d’Ailleurs.. ever since its creation.

Whatever its nature, the encounter with a unique piece is a moment of rare intensity. Sensitive to the ravages of time on wood, furniture and materials, Thierry Grundman perceives their powerful and rich history. This history reinforces the object’s natural beauty. Still a meticulous restoration may prove necessary to reveal these signs of the past and the heritage value of the items. Such has been Thierry Grundman’s quest in the light of his long experience, numerous meetings and wanderings. Such is the soul of Atmosphère d’Ailleurs.


What if the history of these objects continued to be written?
What if, by adopting them, you, the architect, decorator or collector, had a role to play in their future?

“I am appalled by hyperproduction and waste. By the accelerated obsolescence of what we buy”.

To offer a new life to his “finds” is Thierry’s purpose in life. With the support of local craftsmen whose talents he associates, he perpetuates know-how which is almost lost, reveals works of art « which fill our desire of elsewhere and emotions ». By finding these unique and rare items, by carving contemporary creations out of some precious secular timbers, either charred or waxed, Thierry Grundman passes on a witness and a favourite piece at the same time.

To transmit, to divert these objects from their first use or to value them in their original function is his prerogative. And then, there is that little extra soul that “Atmosphère d’Ailleurs” brings to your home, the positive influence of our works of art on your life. With us, the quest for the exceptional is relentless. Through this quest, the expertise and instinct of its founder make sense.


  • Chinese Hotel Furniture

The Art of living according to Atmosphère d’Ailleurs embodies itself in our Chinese hotel furniture. At the antipodes of mass consumption, the “fake old” or the ostentatious our furniture is sober, timeless, trendless.

We favour the texture of natural timbers, the beauty of the patinas (Wabi-sabi spirit), the elegance of the proportions, the ancestral know-how (charred wood), or the rarity of exceptional pieces. Each highly curated piece undergoes some twenty odd purchasing criteria, and is then meticulously restored. At Atmosphère d’Ailleurs , you do not buy a consumer good. You enhance your heritage.

  • Antiques for Hotels

Mix, compose, juxtapose…

Our antiques for hotels from around the world defy time and fashion… They are the source of long-time dreams and motionless journeys… The house vibrates under the spell of a multicultural influence. This crossbreeding, witness to your creativity, will bring an extra soul to your interior.

  • Designer Hotel Lighting

Our designer hotel lighting collections are the result of an encounter between the ancestral know-how of Indian, Indonesian, Afghan or Moroccan craftsmen and the creative talent of designers with whom we collaborate. At the opposite end of the spectrum from the mass market and the industrial, social and human corollaries it induces in China, India or elsewhere, it is important to us to perpetuate this craft and to maintain family workshops in regions where there is hardly any other source of work. Moreover, the handmade aspect makes each lamp unique.

  • Bespoke orders

Furniture, kitchen doors, flooring… we do create bespoke pieces out of reclaimed wood : elm, pine, teak, ironwood, charred exotic woods (suar, tamarind, lychee…). Let’s talk about your project together !


Phum Baitang (Zannier Hotels), Dimora delle Balze, August Antwerp, Le Refuge de Solaise, Domaine du Castellas, La ferme du Vent, Château de la Messardière & Airelles Courchevel (Les Airelles)…

They trusted us ! Here the soul of Atmosphère d’Ailleurs suffuses every room… It is an honor and a pride to have been chosen to furnish such places, and a real pleasure to share these unique projects with you!


40 minutes from Paris, 1500 m2, twelve rooms, nearly 10,000 unique antiques for hotels, designer hotel lighting and Chinese hotel furniture pieces in stock – coming to our showroom in the Domaine de Quincampoix is an immersion in a place of culture, community, transmission and emotions; a total change of scenery. It is also a place of discovery, because we cannot display all the diversity of our stock on our website. Many pieces of furniture or unusual objects can only be found on site. Contact us to book your appointment.

Designer Hotel Lighting




Chinese Hotel Furniture
Antiques for Hotels
Designer Hotel Lighting
Chinese Hotel Furniture
Antiques for Hotels
Designer Hotel Lighting
Chinese Hotel Furniture



Karin Lacoste - Sales Manager - Atmosphère d’Ailleurs – Antiques for Hotels / Designer Hotel Lighting / Chinese Hotel Furniture

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