Steel matches all materials, but it is with marble that its natural beauty is enhanced.

Marble brings with it a timeless elegance: a valuable material, it will always have an unchanging place in interior design. Refinement is its best quality: it can be easily combined with any color and style and can embellish all environments.

Marble and bathroom furniture

Cold to the touch, but capable of communicating great emotions and giving surprising combinations, marble makes every house room precious, but it is in the bathroom that it finds its maximum expression.

The combination with stainless steel enhances the properties of both materials, in a continuous balance of style. In our Settemeno, Settantacinque and Venti collections, the top can be made with five types of marble, each with different characteristics and colors: let’s discover them together.

Travertine marble

Depending on the oxides contained, its colors vary from white to walnut travertine, from yellow to red, lending themselves to creating contemporary and modern environments.

Cappuccino marble

Brown in color reminiscent of aged wood, it can present ferrous intrusions and concentrations of color, in a refined play of light and dark.

Red Levanto marble

The red color is mainly given by the hematite inside. What makes it widely used is the particular chromatic aspect and its characteristics of polishability and durability.

Emperador marble

Contemporary and Modern, the Emperador Marble is of a splendid dark brown color, sometimes black, and warm hazelnut, cream and greenish veins.

Green Onyx Marble

Green Onyx is a green onyx with different veins and shades. Absolutely valuable material, its shades and its chromatic composition make it the right choice for elegant and exclusive settings.

Carrara white marble

Calcite’s low refractive index, which allows light to “penetrate” the surface of the stone before being reflected, gives this material a special Light.

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