Heathland Group were contacted by a private client who required aeration in a lake on their property. Within the lake was an island where they were planning to build a lodge, providing an ideal place for compressor placement. The client also wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing and could be seen at night, the AirPro Delmar aerating fountain, which is a floating lake fountain with aeration, seemed the perfect option.

Our aerating fountain proposal

After inspecting the size and shape of the lake our technical team proposed an AirPro 4 diffused aeration system to efficiently aerate all areas of the lake. A diffused aeration system pumps air through diffuser membranes and makes its way to the lake surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. As these bubbles travel upward they entrain water with them. This water is carried to the lake surface where it becomes naturally oxygenated, thus aerating your lake. Read more about this project here.

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