Supplying the most opulent hotels on the planet with bespoke menu covers, Springback Binders are continually elevating restaurant experiences for hotel guests.

Working closely with the Rocco Forte Chain around the world, their latest project with Rocco Forte Villa Igiea in Sicily marks a significant period of ongoing success for the brand as one of the leading suppliers for  luxury hotel menu covers. 

2km from the Habour, the Rocco Forter Villa Igea offers stunning panoramic views across the Palermo bay. Known as a ‘sanctuary for royalty’, thisseaside paradise is shrouded in blue skies and oceans. The Villa itself is adorned with flourishing orange and olive trees. The hotels rooms are elegant and lavish and perfected down to the last detail. 

Springback Binders work with Villa Igiea is no exception- their bespoke menu covers reflect the tone of the hotel perfectly and speak to its location and culture. The custom binders are fit for purpose as their meticulous designs can hold between 1 and 30 pages, negating the need for hole punches and staples and ensuring easy menu alternation and adaptation. 

The Warwickshire based company is committed to creating high-quality, reusable and practical products for hotels that ensure a professional and sleek feel. Get in contact with Springback Binders today via their Supplier Profile to see how they can elevate your hotel restaurant experiences.