We are so proud to announce that SportsMed Products have won “Most Inclusive Gym & Rehabilitation Provider” in the UK and Ireland at the UK Enterprises Award 2022!

A bit about us
SportsMed Products is dedicated to getting people moving. Having started as the UK distributors for the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill and then expanding our offerings further, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise. We provide bespoke solutions to various customers, including every premier league football club, various government bodies, retirement homes, hotels and physio clinics. We only work with well-respected brands and pride ourselves on our quick response times and service.
Far too often hotel gyms have had loud clunky weight stacks next to a hotel room, you often see broken equipment sat unused for weeks and the equipment is almost never wheelchair accessible. We aim to be the front runners in inclusive gym equipment suitable for all your guests providing a warm and inviting atmospheres for all.

That’s why one of our key brands is HUR. HUR use pneumatics to provide a unique solution to your hotel gym needs.

Why you don’t need weight stacks!
Weight stack machines are often very loud and clunky and frequently heard in rooms near to the gym unless you have some very good sound proofing. With HUR’s pneumatic range the gym can be an almost silent space enabling use by individuals at times where other guests may be sleeping nearby. The Pneumatic machines use an almost silent oil-free air compressor to pump air around a circuit. Enabling a smooth movement for users and the ability for the muscles to be worked out eccentrically and concentrically. Most of the equipment can also be run from 1 compressor circuit also meaning with our analogue equipment you can run an entire circuit with just one plug socket, a great energy efficient gym.

Don’t believe you have the space? Much of our equipment is dual function (we even have a 5x multifunction. Machine!) and without the use of weight stacks you can fit a full gym set up into a very small space.

They even have a wheelchair accessible “Easy Access” range is suitable for wheelchair and non-wheelchair users alike through a removable chair! Check out this video for further information: https://youtu.be/teeIh-sZIUE

Our recommendations for one stand out piece of HUR equipment?
It is tough to pick just one piece of equipment, however one of our goes to pieces is the HUR Pulley. Suitable for all kinds of ability, the HUR Pulley can be floor standing or wall mounted and provides an opportunity to work out the upper body, core and legs all in one machine!

Why choose us to kit out your gym?!

Whilst we believe our HUR range is a fantastic range of equipment perfect for hotels our service agreements are the key behind why we would recommend you choose us.

Having started the company as distributors for AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills, we have had a wealth of experience in working with high profile customers who require incredibly quick response times. Many of our staff are on hand to provide out of hours remote support and we do not simply install our equipment on site and leave. With all installations whether you want flooring, standard gym equipment, HUR equipment, from one piece to a full redesign we offer substantial warranties, annual services and provide full training upon installation.

Want to know more about the solutions we can provide to you? View our profile today and contact us or email [email protected]