Talk to me about how and when the business was founded…

SportsMed Products is a small family business with over 12 years’ experience. Our Managing Director, Trevor Donald, started off as an employee of AlterG Inc, the founders of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills in the USA. He was responsible for setting up the AlterG distribution around Europe along with sales in the UK. In 2015, looking to grow our offerings, we switched to being the UK’s exclusive distributors for AlterG and consequently SportsMed Products was founded in the UK!

What was the inspiration/concept behind the company?

After seeing the vast benefits of AlterG’s applications and the difference it made to individuals lives, we set about becoming a leading supplier for fitness and rehab equipment with a difference. Whilst many gyms provide a great setting for training, in a lot of situations the equipment is large, loud and clunky, with the weight stacks often becoming too heavy and noisy next to a hotel room. As such we now aim to provide bespoke solutions suitable for each individual site needs.

It is for this reason we became exclusive distributors for HUR. HUR provide solutions suitable for all ages, abilities and spaces. Their equipment uses pneumatic technology meaning weight increments can be as small as 100g and the equipment is often dual function. With HUR you can create a usable gym in very little space without disrupting your residents with the loud noises of weights dropping! We are also proud to supply their “Easy Access” range which is a range of equipment suitable for wheelchair and non-wheelchair users. A truly inclusive gym.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our unique supplier network means we can provide bespoke solutions suitable to all budgets, spaces and sites. Whilst we can provide “Standard” cardio and weights equipment, our gyms are not “standard”. We also pride ourselves on our engineering, maintenance and servicing team who have many years’ experience within professional sport, hospitality and clinical settings. Whether you are looking for a one off service or repair on your current equipment, or a gym design, flooring and full gym set up we can provide this solution. No job is too big or small!

How has the company grown since its launch?

At the formation of SportsMed Products we were simply sellers of the AlterG. We are now proud to provide the AlterG, HUR, Echelon bikes, various other gym suppliers and also be the UK’s exclusive distributors for KT Tape. A great fitness accessory for those guests visiting with fitness and outdoor activities in mind. We continue to look at the newest technologies and continue to build our customer base across the UK. We now have staff based nationally across the country in order to provide the best and promptest service possible.

What would you say has been one of your proudest moments for the company thus far?

If you ask any member of staff what their proudest moment is within the company we would all provide difference responses. Last year saw us complete our largest university gym set up to date, a fantastic team effort across each department. However, for me it is simply the various customer stories of the difference their bespoke solution has made to their business along with their users success stories! We hope for many more proud moments to come.