Give families with children another reason to come back more often

Help families decide where they want to stay by welcoming them with a special hotel play area! Letting the children look after themselves and keeping them entertained will ensure an enjoyable stay for all. Whether guests come to enjoy their time off or are visiting for business purposes, everyone benefits from a relaxed atmosphere, including your own hotel staff.

Have a look at some of the play areas IKC has created for hotels, vacation lodges and more.

Hotel Van der Valk Venlo

IKC has delivered a special contribution to this nostalgic playroom for Hotel Van der Valk in Venlo, conceptualised entirely by the hotel director.

On the tropical wallpaper with a gorgeous retro colour palette, you can spot several Van der Valk toucan mascots. On this beautiful wall now hangs a perfectly matching Delta 21 inch play system, specially made in the colour the client had imagined. A fresh modern touch in a nostalgic time capsule!

Camping & Beach Resort Julianahoeve

A small basement at this beach resort has been completely transformed into a gorgeous underwater world! Kids can go on an adventure to explore all the fun wall games this playroom has to offer and play with the soft play pillows in the shape of lifebuoys.

The children are greeted by the camping’s mascots on the beautiful wall decorations, making this play area one of a kind, perfectly fitting their brand identity!

Restaurant Wim Friet

Oftentimes, hotels opt for a kids’ corner near the hotel bar or restaurant – a very strategic placement. As kids typically are quick to finish eating, a play corner is the perfect spot for them to make friends and keep themselves entertained while their parents can enjoy their meal in peace.

As seen in this project, a kids’ play area can easily be created near the restaurant so parents can keep an eye on the kids at all times. The beautiful wall decorations even help brighten up the space!

No matter the size or style of your ideal play corner, IKC will bring any idea to life! For more information about the possibilities for your business, feel free to contact us.