A stylish and well designed bathroom could make hotel rooms more attractive and pleasant: according to several surveys, its appearance is crucial for guests and it is decisive for a good opinion of the hotel.

The reasons of this big importance are not only linked to health aspects (a clean and well sanitised bathroom is a safe warranty to infections and risks related to bacteria and microbes): a toilet is firstly a place of relax and rest and its design and accessories are essential for the guest’s wellness.

The shower has a critical role in this sense: while taking a shower, we are taking care of ourselves, relaxing, and searching the right energies to start the morning (or trying to put behind us all the problems of a difficult day), so it has to be reliable and well projected, in order to assure a pleasant water flow.

Solo Shower, the new shower column released by Ponte Giulio, is the answer to these needs: it is a very solid and resistant shower column that works also as a grab bar (capacity load: 250kg, water flows in internal and isolated pipes, so the external structure is completely protected to the heat) and permits to give a modern aspect to the hotel bathroom. It is a good solution for both the bathtub and the shower cabin, its showerhead can be moved and oriented and is released in pure stainless steel. Installing a new shower isn’t easy: works could be complicated and too much invasive. Not for Solo Shower: thanks to the DWI (double water inlet) system, water can enter from the top or from the bottom of the structure, so there’s more flexibility in the installation activities. Another important aspect: the hand shower is composed of an anti-twist flex hose, so it won’t turn while we are using the shower.

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