Being specified by an Architect on any project is one of the highest honors, when it’s a hotel this brings additional areas of required expertise. Something we have got to know very well along our journey, and each time we get specified by another architect or interior designer we are assured we are doing things right.

Working alongside Architects/ Interior designers/ property & construction consultants, developers, and contractors, everything needs to be implemented in the correct order to achieve deadlines for all parties.

We bring the highest quality products to the projects, tested to the highest standards, and supported by governing bodies within the industry. Alongside this we bring some additional unique offerings to the projects, these have included the following: –

  1. Pre-project meeting attendance. This may include bringing samples of the items that have/ are to be specified on the ironmongery schedule, or straightforward consultation of what the project will entail.
  2. Pre-project overview: This will enable us to understand with you, when the sample rooms are ready, what is required to ensure the smooth delivery of the project segment.
  3. Quantity estimation for the project: We assist by looking at the plans with the contractor for both sample rooms and the entire project. This enables us to plan with you when items will be required, and what quantity will be required.
  4. Product bundling: We work with you to understand how many items are required for a specific room type; we then pack the items so that each room has its own sealed box. This can then be delivered per room, or indeed for every room on a particular floor or phase should you wish.
  5. Ongoing support throughout the project: We are there every day to ensure you get what you need when you need it. If it’s advice or bespoke switches for a project we are always available to ensure the products are made and dispatched as soon as they are required.
  6. Post project completion: We work with the hotel to get some stunning photography of the project and the work that is done.

Case Study: Hilton Hotel London

In September of 2019, we were contacted by a high-end electrical contractor after being specified by one of the leading architects in London, we were asked to supply specified products for some sample rooms. We worked alongside several company representatives to deliver the required items to the site and understood everybody’s differing needs. We had the products straight from the warehouse to the site within 24 hrs of the initial order being processed, then ensured delivery into the hands of the contractor for the job.

Along the way, we were also contacted by a number of contractors tendering for the work and asked to quote for the sockets/ switches listed on the ironmongery schedule. This we were able to do for all parties quickly and efficiently based on what had already been sent, providing a level of service that we were told excelled. Alongside this we worked from plans provided to establish the 7 room type requirements, we then calculated the quantities required for each of the 23 floors.

There was a series of learnings along the way that arose from conversations with the project leaders, these included some items that we did not hold as standard stock. We listened and then assisted by adding such items to our already large offering, these include items such as Single data plates/ keycards/ BT master socket on a plate/ RJ45 on a plate/ unswitched sockets for the rooms lamps/ euro sockets for the differing client’s needs, alongside bespoke switches that allow a 3 gang switch with a mix of intermediate and 2 way switches on the same plate. Ideal solutions for the modern-day rooms that allow our products to support very well-designed projects, showing the customer of the hotel they are important.

We have visited the hotel and had meetings with the project managers and talked through the requirements, offering our support on every level. We talk to the electrical contractors that install our products ensuring everything runs smoothly, with items fitted in the best possible way to ensure quality to the end-user. This is one of the largest hotel refurbishments in the capital London, where the 1st phase is expected to last 2 years. We implemented and completed the stock ordering process to ensure that everything was available for the first 6 months, and production went straight underway to ensure that all stages are complete on time and budget, with high-end quality stunning finish.

This is just an example/ insight of what we do, and one of many projects we are involved in for the year 2020 and beyond. If you are looking for a company that offers a complete understanding coupled with quality, alongside dedication for perfection…..give us a call. We would love to collaborate with you and deliver the highest standards for you and your clients.