Exciting times ahead for SNOAP!

As a relatively new business, it is gratifying when we receive recognition for not only our fabulous products, but also for our ongoing work in reducing single-use plastic pollution.

I am therefore very excited to announce that SNOAP was recently chosen as one of six winners on Theo Paphitis’ ‘Small Business Sunday’ campaign. Theo recognised SNOAP as an up-and-coming enterprise that is really making a difference, both to the personal care market and also to the environment.

That in itself would have been amazing, but there’s also something else! I’m so proud to be able to tell you that SNOAP has been shortlisted in The British Business Awards 2023! I can hardly believe it, but our products were shortlisted in the ‘Most Innovative Business Idea of the Year’ category.

This award recognises a product or company that has demonstrated outstanding innovation and customer wins in the last two years. The judges were looking for creative products, services or companies that identified a gap in their markets and have delivered successfully.

I am very much looking forward to attending the final in October at the British Museum in London.

A BIG thank you …

Being officially recognised like this is absolutely fantastic for SNOAP and for me and my family; we have put so much into creating and building the SNOAP brand and I can’t deny that, at times, it’s been really hard.

What really matters, though, is that we are making a difference with every single order taken. Each time someone buys a SNOAP dispenser and fills it with two SNOAP bars, they help to remove twenty liquid bottles of soap from going into landfill or into the ocean. Just one shampoo bar purchased will mean ten fewer single-use plastic containers injuring or harming wildlife or choking the landscape, either on land or in the water.

That’s what is important; also the fact that we are providing affordable, luxuriant personal and home care products to people who really care. We are saving them money and giving them a good quality alternative to some of the, frankly, nasty products that are on the market.

Whatever the outcome of The British Business Awards, I am so proud to know that we are building a sustainable brand that makes a difference in the world …  and that already makes us winners in my eyes. Thank you so much to our customers who have helped to shape SNOAP into what we are – we are all excited to see what the future holds!

Until the next time,

Lisa (AKA. Lady SNOAP)