You may already be a committed ‘SNOAPY’ or you may be reading this because you want to find out more about SNOAP before you join our growing community – either way, we’re happy to have you here!  I wanted to take some time to highlight the many reasons as to why you can choose our products with confidence and why we know you will be happy with them.

I’m Lisa, a.k.a. Lady SNOAP and I’m the founder and creator of the SNOAP brand. I wanted to share my journey with you because I believe it will resonate with like-minded people – as you’re reading this, that’s you!

The idea

During 2020 in the COVID lockdown, with a family of five at home all day, every day, it gradually became apparent that we were creating a lot of waste in our household. What I found most shocking was the amount of single-use plastic waste that accumulated in the recycling bin every week. Shower gel bottles, liquid handwash, shampoo and conditioner, surface cleaner … the list was endless and it made me uncomfortable about single-use plastics.

Our children are happiest when they are outdoors – they’re real nature lovers and particularly fond of the ocean. They were upset by distressing images in the news of rivers and oceans filled with plastic, or the wildlife that we love so much being poisoned with plastic pollution.

Deciding to change our choices, I started researching alternative personal care products with less packaging and more natural ingredients. I found that whilst many products are now sold in recycled plastic, many items were not clearly labelled or were misleading. Some were full of nasty things that I didn’t want any of us to put anywhere near our skin or hair (or down the drain).

After a lot of family discussion, trial and error (and sleepless nights), the eco-friendly solid soap dispenser concept was born; as we like to say – a revolution for refill, not landfill.

The brand name was created after the dispenser itself.  Two solid bars of soap go into the dispenser and come out like snow – this gave the idea of SNOAP, soap that looks like snow = SNOAP.   Everything about our brand logo represents our respect for nature and our planet. The colours are symbolic of the ocean. The dragonfly is a delicate, misunderstood creature and the infinity symbol intertwined with it conveys our passion to preserve our planet for generations to come.



There are many reasons – just ask our growing army of SNOAPYS! We’re very proud of our product range, so here are our top three reasons for trusting SNOAP to be better for you and your family, for your wallet and our planet:

1. We care:

2-5% of everything that we put on our skin and hair is absorbed into our bodies and 1.8 billion plastic bottles from shampoo, shower gel and hand wash, 468 million plastic bottles from cleaning products, 600 million plastic dish sponges and 488 million plastic bags are discarded every year in the UK. Isn’t it time that everyone cared about what we’re putting into landfill, into the ocean, into nature and into our bodies?

We care about saving people money, we care about the planet that we live on and we care about using natural ingredients. We care, full stop, that’s why SNOAP was born.

2. SNOAP gives you affordable luxury:

Our products are reasonably priced, your whole family can use them and they are of exceptional quality. We wouldn’t expect our customers to use them without having used, and continuing to use them ourselves.

Our SNOAPS and shampoos are cruelty-free and are designed so that you only need a tiny amount to create a rich, creamy and luxuriant lather. Most liquid soaps in plastic bottles are made from chemical compounds and are not friendly to either your skin or the environment. They might be cheap, but research has shown that you are likely to use around 30% more water when washing your hands with liquid soap than solid.

We also sell a beautiful range of plant-based, paraben-free and GMO-free multi-surface cleaners, with eco-friendly sponges and scrubbing brushes to match.   

3. SNOAP is very kind to our planet:

SNOAP dispensers are made to last. The SNOAP dispensers are made to hold two bars of solid SNOAP, which is the equivalent of 20 bottles of liquid soap. Our shampoo bar has saved me personally from buying over 10 single-use plastic bottles of shampoo – I am seeing the daily positive impact of my choices and that feels great! 😃

All the products in our range are eco-friendly, effective and all are designed with our planet – and you and your wallet – in mind. Most people are not aware that with conventional surface cleaners and toiletry products, there can be a risk to aquatic life in the wastewater runoff – this is not the case with SNOAP products, which are not harmful to marine life or grazing animals.


At the end of the day, we can wax lyrical for days about how high-quality, effective and economical our products are. The best way for us to prove that to you is for you to try them yourself.


That’s Lady SNOAP signing off for now, however, I’ll leave you with just one question …

Have you got the bottle to turn the tide on plastic pollution and change your choices?