SilverGuard delivers products that help our customers live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles but not at the expense of quality and luxury

What does Sustainability mean to SilverGuard?

The term ‘sustainability’ means different things to different people, but the consensus is that sustainability consists of fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations, whether it is from an environmental and social point of view.

At SilverGuard we are conscious of and consider the impact of our processes and decisions on the environment and society, at every stage from the sourcing of raw materials, to manufacturing to end use.

Our range of products, from towels to bed linen have been designed with sustainability and environmental protection in mind.

In a nutshell, our products are sustainable for a number of key reasons:

  • All our products are antimicrobial. This means our products stay cleaner and fresher and enjoy a longer product life
  • SilverGuard products are kind on your skin and we are the only textiles company to have received accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance to affirm this
  • We strive to ensure our products help protect the environment by choosing environmentally friendly fabrics and production processes

It all starts with IONIC+ silver thread

SilverGuard products, made with IONIC+ silver technology, are inherently sustainable. The antimicrobial nature of all our products means that they are protected from bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould and as a result offer a level of safety assurance that equivalent products made without silver cannot, staying cleaner and fresher for longer.

Our IONIC+ silver yarn technology is based on the power of silver – basic elemental silver – not synthetic chemicals or nanotechnology. This means there are no concerns over nanomaterials reaching land where it has the potential to contaminate soil and migrate into surface and ground waters.

Products which are kind to your skin

When choosing a product you want a natural fibre such as cotton as it is typically soft and gentle on the skin, including sensitive skin. SilverGuard’s use of both organic cotton and IONIC+ silver thread technology in our towels helps ensure your baby’s skin stays healthy two-fold. Organic cotton ensures that our towels have not been treated with chemicals, both during the growing of cotton and in production, which can irritate your skin; particularly if you have sensitive skin or eczema. You will also enjoy cleaner, clearer and healthier skin when using our towels with the IONIC+ silver thread technology incorporated into the towels as the silver works to eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

You want to ensure that the products you use are kind on their skin and do not result in an allergic reaction. SilverGuard has recognised this and is the only textiles company to receive the internationally recognised Skin Health Alliance (SHA) dermatological accreditation.

Protecting the Environment every step of the way

From Sourcing Raw Materials …

Our fabrics are carefully chosen to minimise their impact on both the environment and society. For example, our towels, are made from certified Organic Cotton. It is widely known that organic farming is better for the environment than traditional methods in terms of water use, GHG emissions, use of synthetic pesticides and fertilise and the use of GMOs to name a few areas. Overall, organic cotton has a much lower environmental footprint than conventional cotton. And with natural methods employed to grow organic cotton, the soil and cotton crop are much healthier than conventionally grown cotton.

… to Transportation …

A conscious choice is also made to manufacture products in the UK where possible to minimise the environmental impact of transporting goods as well as supporting local businesses. We have been a member of Made in Britain since 2021.

… and Reducing environmental impacts during laundering

All SilverGuard products use IONIC+ antimicrobial technology which acts to inhibit odour-causing bacterial growth, therefore can be laundered less frequently. The self sanitising and self cleaning properties of our silver infused fabrics generally means less frequent laundering and also be laundered at lower temperatures resulting in less energy and water usage and a longer product life.

SilverGuard and Sustainable Choices

Not only does SilverGuard incorporate sustainability thinking in the sourcing and manufacture of our products, we also deliver products that help our customers live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.