What made you start the company? What inspired you?

The company was started by a gentleman that saw a huge hole in the market and came up with the idea to use non-wax diffusers. The aim was also to create a product that can be major in producing fresh air in the polluted lifestyle that we are currently leaving with, that would directly have benefits to both physical and mental health. With this idea, he collaborated with a designer from Denmark who lives in Switzerland to come up with the first phase of our diffusers. These were unique in the way they worked due to them not having hot wax and using 100% natural oils. Also, the quality of the diffusers was a huge jump from the products currently on the market. The design is primarily inspired by modern clean lines from the heritage of the designer and the logo is an old chinese symbol that communicates part of the sky, and this perfectly represented the ideals behind the serene house and the aim of creating a fresh air experience.

What is your main target market currently? And what market would you like to grow into more?

Our initial market focus was America, Europe, and Taiwan as we started with our own subsidiaries in these markets right away. The American and Taiwanese markets have developed the fastest and we are now re-starting the European effort to grow a distributor network. We are looking to get a further reach and become available in most countries globally in the future. In terms of sectors, we have been aiming largely at the retail market and Spa business, as our products directly correlate to the relaxation that spas offer. We are working hard to get into the Hotels market, as a lot have Spa’s, and we feel these would be great premium products that would help customers relax as part of their stay. One benefit our products offer is that one of the best ways your brain remembers something is via smell, better than seeing or touch, so if a customer relates the smell of our diffusers with staying a night at a hotel it creates that memorable experience that will create loyal, returning customers.

What are your short and long-term goals?

Our major goal, long term, is to spread international and have a solid foot in the door with most distributors, and really reach into the hotel sector. Like I’ve mentioned I think our product works perfectly for hotels and offers a huge amount of benefits that we hope to explore with future clients. Short term would be to continue realising successful, premium products that we can receive positive feedback on consistently.

What make Serene House stand out and unique?

We have a lot of features that really help us stand out from the rest of the competition and make us real market leaders. The first one would be our knowledge and experience in these products. Using our knowledge, we are able to create luxury, premium diffusers with 100% natural oils that are hugely popular and get across our ideals. We also create all our products in-house, meaning they are all original unique ideas and we produce everything in our own factories, we don’t buy from 3 party factories and but our own logo on the items. The range we offer in terms of oils also means you don’t get the same old scent with your diffusers and really allows us to mix it up. We offer some customisation to consumers and businesses such as personalised logos, having a complete blank product or changes in design. Our main stand-out point is what our product does, it creates an experience. We aim to improve your sense of wellbeing and health through scent, sound, and visual aesthetics – and it works!

Where do your design ideas come from for the products?

A lot of our ideas are built of the strong foundations we have created for our products using our experience. But how we build on these ideas is truly unique. We use a group of in-house designers as well as work with external design groups to come in and create ideas, get feedback, and brainstorm to create our new products. This helps our community and allows us to get fresh ideas that we can combine with our experience and knowledge in the sector. We have a similar process when taking feedback from customers, we combine is with our knowledge to create a final luxury product. We want the design to really help with our aim and to be aesthetically pleasing, luxurious and practical. In designing new scents, we really want to work off basic, natural scents and smells as we find these are the most relatable and have the most reaction.

Do your products offer any benefits for health?

Our products work hard to achieve lots of different things, health benefits being on of them. The scents work in a lot of different ways and one thing they do is kill some bacteria in the air to create that freshness, this means you aren’t breathing unwanted bacteria in. This is done by using natural oils, meaning they aren’t artificial or do any damage. The scents can also trigger a lot of emotions mentally, like mentioned before scent is one of the best memory association devices – so are great to change your mood to a happy, positive vibe.

What is your best-selling product and why do you think that is/ what is your favourite product?

Our Aromatherapy diffusers are a favorite currently due to them being new and unique. They are practical, are great for realising the scents, and great for creating positivity. But one of our different products which are also creating a lot of buzz is our portable diffusers, which are hugely handy due to them being small, practical, easy to use, and hugely portable. They would also be my personal favorite of mine also.