Select Series 2 Crown Gusher for self-installation in Voru, Estonia, Europe

A residential client in Voru, Estonia contacted Heathland Group requesting a floating lake fountain. After discussing the client’s requirements the Select Series 2 Crown Gusher floating lake fountain 5HP/3.7KW with 3x 30 Watt LED lights was selected.

The Crown Gusher floating lake fountain has a beautiful conical pattern

The Select Series 2 Crown Gusher floating lake fountain creates a high conical pattern, making it ideal for smaller coves or narrow areas. We can provide the select series 2 fountain in a range of sizes from 0.75Kw to 5.5Kw. The client selected 3.7Kw to meet his waterbody requirements. All of the Select Series 2 range are equipped with a very large grill designed to provide reduced suction around the screen. This results in fewer blockages caused by leaves and other debris from the lake bed. It also ensures that you get a larger volume of water passing through the fountain for greater circulation. The Select Series 2 floating lake fountain is available in a horizontal or vertical configuration. Find out more on the project here.

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