Hotel Electric Vehicle Chargers

As the drive towards net zero emissions continues, electric vehicle charging presents an opportunity for the hospitality sector to prepare for the switch towards a cleaner, electric future with the added potential to develop a new revenue stream. With this change comes new considerations for those within the industry to act upon. ScottishPower can help with this shift and help guide businesses to adapt to support their customers and drive towards a greener future.

Why should businesses within the hospitality sector be thinking about electric vehicle chargers in their customer car parks or on spare land?

From 2030, the UK Government plans to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles meaning businesses should begin thinking about how to support their customers through this transition and be prepared for this change. One thing those within the hospitality sector can do is utilise their car park or spare land to its full potential and check whether they may be a suitable electric vehicle charge point host.

ScottishPower is actively seeking partners in the right locations to host its fully funded electric vehicle charging points which are powered by 100% UK REGO backed green energy from ScottishPower’s renewable resources. If suitable, not only could a business build on its own green credentials at no cost to them but also potentially benefit from additional revenue.

Smart EV Charging SolutionsWhy should businesses within hospitality look to become an electric vehicle ‘host’?

Becoming a host could provide an array of benefits with hoteliers, restaurants and cafes helping to build a network of public charge points, at no additional cost to them. This is because ScottishPower will lease the spare land or carpark spaces from a business and fully fund, install, and maintain the electric vehicle charge points for the duration of the lease, taking the pressure off the business.

On top of that, a hotel business could benefit from additional revenue from the potential increased footfall as their venue becomes a customer’s first choice because they have the ability to charge their car as they dine in for lunch or enjoy a hotel stay.

What makes a good charge point site?

Electric car charging sites require two parking spaces per charge point. It’s important that there is no or limited parking restrictions in place, with 24/7 public access to the site and a high daily stream of traffic. Ensuring the right technology is in place at each hospitality venue is also vital with ScottishPower supplying multi-site support.

How do businesses know which charger they require?Smart EV Charging Solutions / Hotel Electric Vehicle Chargers / Hotel EV Charge Points

Whether nipping in for a coffee, or on a staycation and looking to recharge for the night, various chargers are available to suit the needs of each hospitality businesses’ customers. Hotel groups, for example, could benefit from long stay parking with slow chargers.

With chargers ranging from 7kw to 150kw, ScottishPower can help to determine which option is the most appropriate for each hospitality venue, whether that is across one premise or multi-sites.

How will customers use and pay for charging?

The chargers are easy to use and accessible to customers at their convenience. They can simply download the ScottishPower Recharge App, plug in their vehicle, charge and pay.

The app is the easiest way for customers to locate a charge point while also tracking their usage. Following a simple sign-up process, including registration of their card details, the customer can then use any charge point in the ScottishPower network.

Alternatively, customers can scan the QR code located on each charger and pay as they go.

The rate for using the public electric vehicle network is set by ScottishPower and is dependent on the type and speed of charger. These rates are continuously monitored to make sure they are competitive and the best that can be provided to hospitality customers.

How can businesses within hospitality register their interest?

Any business that wants to find out more about becoming an electric vehicle charge point host can register their interest with ScottishPower by visiting: scottishpower.co.uk/ev-charging-for-business/public