Schoolhouse was originally founded in 2003 as a lighting and lifestyle goods company dedicated to the preservation of American manufacturing, thoughtful living, and purposeful design. Through the restoration of old cast iron shade molds found in an upstate New York factory, their original founder, Brian Faherty, brought the company to life. Those molds were then used to recreate vintage light fixtures designed to serve both individual residences and businesses alike. From there, Schoolhouse has transformed into what it is today, and their mission to provide a new generation of heirlooms that inspire people to create unique, meaningful spaces still remains the same.

At Schoolhouse, they believe in both the enduring relationship and rich heritage of American craft and manufacturing. They have an innate affection for pieces with a past, and believe that something worth owning now is worth owning forever. By drawing on designs with timeless appeal, they seek to reimagine the familiar in a new light. 

As a vertically integrated company, they’re able to provide a direct-to-consumer experience that prioritizes both design, and quality, from beginning to end. All of their initial design and production is held under one roof, meaning that they’re able to conceptualise, design, mold, and create their product ourselves, allowing for a unique customer experience that distinguishes them from their competitors. 

From their humble beginnings in 2003 as a small company with only a few employees, pushing carts of product from building to building to manufacture and finish, they’ve grown into a proud company with more than 150 employees across their creative and manufacturing teams. Josh explained that it had been such a delight to see their products used in both small, local residencies, as well as stunning hospitality and commercial projects worldwide. 

Though there’s a lot of pride in watching their products transform from their initial design concept into stunning pieces featured in exciting trade projects, his proudest moments at Schoolhouse have been watching their wonderful employees grow into exciting, new roles within the company over the years. Their top priority has always been their people, and witnessing so much career growth within the walls of their historic factory has been such an honor.