At Schoolhouse, we’re dedicated to providing a new generation of modern American heirlooms designed to inspire unique, meaningful spaces. Offering a breadth of heritage-quality products, from lighting to lifestyle goods, each of our carefully considered pieces are created to elevate the everyday, while reimagining the familiar in a new light.

Inside our Fall 2022 Product Launch

We believe that making a space feel like home is an ever-evolving process, which is why our Fall ‘22 launch is focused on layering traditions and meshing the past with the present. For this collection, we ventured inside a quiet Portland, Oregon neighborhood, where a historic 1910s home offered us an endlessly inspiring landscape, allowing the textures and warm tones of our new collection to truly shine. From our iconic new lighting intent on evoking a mid-century feel, to the lush colors and textures of our fresh throw pillow line, there’s something for every space.

Seasonal Shift

With this collection we’re embracing the changing of the seasons and expanding our art, furniture, and home decor lines with a vivid assortment of pieces intent on inspiring playfulness in your space long after the glow of summer has faded. In this launch you’ll find strikingly beautiful gouache and charcoal paintings, durable yet inviting dining chairs, and an assortment of playful pillows, making it easy to bring a lively pop of color to any corner of your space.

Color and flexibility encapsulate the overall feel of this new line, as we introduce our Joe Floor Lamp, a task-focused light source intent on bringing a fresh, industrial look to any space, as well as our festive Garden Party Throw Pillows, which are perfect for layering texture and color to living rooms and bedrooms with ease.

Additionally, the introduction of lightweight TON Chairs, originally designed by Michael Thonet in the mid-1800s and handcrafted using revolutionary steam bending techniques by TON in the original Thonet factory, are sure to liven up modern and traditional spaces alike. Offered in two stunning hues, Beech and Persimmon, these sturdy yet delightful chairs feature natural cane seats and a graceful frame arch, rooting them in both elegance and form and making them an ideal choice for a variety of different rooms.

Gillespie Collection

Introducing the Gillespie collection, a modern approach to mid-century design. This compelling lighting collection pays homage to the iconic sputnik form, and makes a stunning addition to modern and traditional spaces alike. With the ability to rotate at each tier, allowing for seamless transitions in form, this sleek light source serves as the perfect statement piece for any living room, kitchen, or dining area. The Mix Beats the Match We hope that our latest collection inspires you to carve out new traditions this season. From adding a pop of color to the living room sofa, to brightening up an empty corner, to embracing playfulness with a lively art print. We believe that if you love it, it will all come together, and that the mix always beats the match. View the rest of our Fall ‘22 Collection here.