Our beautiful handmade lavender aromatic little sachets are perfect gifts for your clients. A naturally relaxing summer scent is released with each gentle squash of our carefully finished little bag. Delivered with a personalized greeting card attached -all will made your guests feel very special. 

Scent Square is our brand for handmade lavender gifts. We love this plant for very special properties: dried lavender flowers eliminate a pleasant and fresh scent, with a lasting therapeutic effect. The scent is natural, we do not enhance our products with any additives.

We design and make little luxuries for hotels and for corporates who want to show their customers that they care and are important to them. Our sustainable hotel gifts include aromatic little bags, lavender scented pillow covers, aromatic key rings…

At Scent Square we believe that how we do things is as important as what we do. For us quality does not only mean the quality of our handmade lavender gifts but also how we achieve it. We strive to leave a ‘positive track’ in whatever we do, how we treat our customers, our employees, our collaborators, and partners. In fact, we are like our best customers: we do not cut corners in our business.  And we do all this while keeping competitive prices to our customers.

We design and produce our sustainable hotel gifts combining textiles and dry lavender flowers grown locally or sourced in the Provence region of France.