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What was the inspiration behind your company/products and how does this show in your company ethos?
Offer to the market a customised service for a variety of different products they could be looking for but not available on the standardize catalogues available out there.

What is your main target market currently? And what market would you like to grow into more? 
Europe (UK, France, Germany, Austria….)  is still the main focus for our growth and our strategy is a combination of dedicated visits to potential clients, trade shows and references from other customers.

What are your short and long term goals? 
Travelling more in the UK but only if the markets shows a real interest in our services and products.

What makes Your business stand out and unique? 
Our quality and resistant materials.

Where do your design ideas come from for the products?
From us but mainly form our customers which are in research of new ideas and objects.

What would you say your proudest moment ,For the company, has been? 
Last 10 years growth and projects we have supplied around the world.

What is your best selling product and why is that?
We have many but all the wooden structure items covered with high resistant eco leather are the most wanted.

Tailor Made Hotel Products

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