Curious to learn how digital signage has been delivering greater efficiency for many hotel businesses?

Digital signage can serve as both an aesthetic and practical solution towards improving guest experience, securing positive reviews, maximising their spend, and streamlining operations.

Ideal locations

To best benefit from digital signage, it is important to place screens in strategic locations where footfall is high.

These may include:

  • lobbies/lifts to distract waiting guests and showcase the hotel’s services
  • outside bars and restaurants to showcase the food/drink options available
  • outdoors and in window displays to engage passers-by and promote forthcoming events and meal promotions (e.g. Valentine’s day, Christmas, Mother’s Day.)

Promotional content

Hotel stays offer guests the opportunity to indulge and treat themselves to a little luxury. Therefore, it’s crucial to capitalise on the opportunities this presents. Digital signage offers the freedom to publicise your hotel’s full range of services on a single screen. For example, drinks packages, spa treatments, gym facilities and events. Moving images are also significantly more eye-catching and memorable than static signs.

Third party advertising revenue  

Because digital signage generates so much promotional airtime, it can also be used to generate additional revenue streams, for example showing third party ads for local attractions.

Digital display of information

Digital signage facilitates the showcasing of real-time information for guests. In addition to showing things like check-in/out times, wayfinding maps, and local attraction recommendations, digital displays can be used to give guests transport information (e.g., train times, flight information) and guidance on disruptions affecting the hotel.

This information can be presented on static or interactive screens, providing guests the opportunity to find even the most specialised information, and leave customer feedback, or access information in a different language.

These screens can be positioned in lobbies and be updated as and when, facilitating shorter perceived wait times at reception, avoiding communication issues and language barriers, and taking pressure away from reception personnel.

Such technology can serve to further benefit hotel staff if displays are positioned in staff only areas,  giving them operational updates and reinforcing training regarding best practice,  which can, in turn, improve service quality and customer ratings.

Menu boards

The profitability of restaurants and bars can be supported through digitised menus in lounges, corridors and in the bars and restaurants themselves. Good quality content showing product imagery and promotions with enticing imagery of food and drinks and eye-catching graphics can be shown at different times of the day – e.g., brunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, post dinner drinks – increasing the likelihood of take-up. Digitised ordering also simplifies the processes, relaying orders more reliably and taking pressure away from staff. This vastly contributes to both guest and staff satisfaction.


Digital signage can serve as an impressive elevation for conferences and functions. Finetune the tone and ambience of a variety of events to suit individual needs and streamline operations through displaying information like seating charts and timetables. This cultivates a smoother attendee experience and inspires future bookings.

Digital art

A truly unique and memorable function of digital signage is the display of digital art. Rather than relying on costly physical renovations, digital art can serve as a modern and versatile enhancement to your interior design scheme. The roll-out of cohesive digital art pieces amongst hotel chains, specifically, can contribute to greater brand consistency and investment from your customer base.

As leading experts in digital signage, Saturn Visual Solutions can help demystify how the technology can be used cost-effectively in hotels and guide you through the process of purchasing and installing it.

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