What about starting this new year paying more attention to safety and accessibility?

When projecting a hotel room, inclusivity and accessibility need to be considered. Hotel customers could have different physical conditions: age, weight, disability, or various motor difficulties. All these elements could characterise hotel guests. So, there’s the necessity to imagine a comfortable and accessible hotel room, without altering its look and style.

For what concerns the bathroom, Ponte Giulio has developed the right solution: Hug collection. It is characterised by several modern and stylish accessories that could make the hotel bathroom safer and more accessible. Stools and shower seats, for example, are coloured and well designed, solid (high level of capacity load, 150kg) and very practical: stools can be removed and displaced in those rooms that host people with specific necessities, Shower seats could be closed if not used, avoiding to occupy lot of space.

Those are only 2 elements of a very smart collection, designed for solving problems without invasive and ugly to watch solutions.

A big hug and have a safe 2021!

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