Innovative designers are always pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination, and avant-garde Gie El is no exception. Their flagship product, designed by Maria Rypuła, a sculptural chandelier that defies conventions is turning heads and capturing hearts. The brand is all about authenticity, with their creations featuring real rusted metal and a commitment to the principles of Slow Design.

According to Maria, “there’s no place for imitation and pretending. We want authenticity.” She stresses the importance of taking design seriously, without resorting to cheap imitationsor kitsch. This philosophy is reflected in the mesmerising chandeliers..

The chandelier itself is a stunning piece, with its geometric triangular plates and hypnotic light-reflecting form. It’s a work of art that invites viewers to contemplate and appreciate the beauty of real objects in their natural state. Maria Rypuła emphasizes the importance of taking design seriously and avoiding cheap imitations. Her vision is to create objects that inspire and evoke emotions, and the chandelier is a prime example of this philosophy.

This creation is not only about the beauty, but it’s also environmentally conscious, highlighting the importance of sustainability and the value of reusing materials.

In conclusion, Gie El’s chandelier is a remarkable piece of art that speaks to the essence of Slow Design. It’s an excellent example of how designers can use their creativity to create something beautiful and meaningful, while also being mindful of the environment.