RS Barcelona designs luxury game tables to transform any hotel space in a uniqueness experience.

In its commitment to offering innovative and exceptional proposals to hospitality community, the RS Barcelona iconic game tables stand out with their electric character and distinctive design. They become the eye-catcher of any space where they are placed and fill any room with elegance and a playful attitude.

Casual luxury pool tables, timeless appeal football table and exceptionally versatile and subtle volume table tennis table to create spaces that captive with its beauty and authenticity and become sources of inspiration for the guests.

RS Max and RS Max Dining: to the fullest

The more. The merrier. The RS Max football table, designed by Rafael Rodríguez, shows that 8 is the perfect number to play and to exploit the potential and personality of this astonishing football table. It was born to transform the common areas in hotels and restaurants, and turn them into playful spaces. RS Barcelona has resized the classic football table to double the players and the fun. It’s manufactured in high-quality materials to withstand intensive use by lots of players, not to mention inclement weather in outdoor spaces. And, with the addition of the glass top, the RS Max is the most bizarre table of the restaurant. An ingenious idea in which gastronomy, playtime and design go hand by hand.

Diagonal pool table: perfect performance

Just as a diagonal line crosses a space from end to end, the Diagonal pool table, designed by Yonoh, imbues any room with design, elegance and playful attitude. Its beauty emerges from its exquisite simplicity, the authenticity of its design and its blend of materials and colours. From sober black to bright white, striking red, subtle elegance of green or deep blue. Appeal for a game of precision and perfection. The Diagonal pool table strikes the perfect balance between design and playability, and with its sleek, modern and timeless lines, it graces any indoors and outdoors setting. Because Diagonal pool table is available also for outdoor use inviting you to enjoy the game in gardens, porches or terraces with the sun, the breeze and the stars. With the top, it doubles functionality. As a game table and a dining table as well.

You and Me: much more than a ping pong table

You and Me You and Me is a ping pong table like you’ve never seen before. Designed by Antoni Pallejà Office, it contains all the moments you can imagine, like working meetings at the hotel business areas. And it goes without saying that there’s plenty of time for many hours of playing too. With sleek, minimalist lines that suits any interior but really comes into its own in outdoor settings. All the sporting elements– the net, the paddles and the balls –are stored in a discreet side drawer, completely out of sight. And the table is ready for any use you need.

RS2: the football table, the icon

This is where RS Barcelona began. With the RS2 football table designed by Rafael Rodríguez. A spectacular reinterpretation of one of the all-time classics of Spanish game culture. Our goal was to take the football table out of the garage and move it into the spaces where we do our living. We aimed for it to speak the language of design, dialogue with the furniture and seduce in any environment. A football table that highlights and makes the difference with its industrial design, sleek lines, elegant colours, exquisite details and its long lasting high quality finishes. It has stood the test of time and fleeting trends. Its design lasts and will remain as an iconic piece. For its design, its essence, its significance, and for all the moments that it captures.

Hospitality commitment

For years, RS Barcelona has focused on hospitality with a precise vision. They know that every project is unique, requiring specific, dedicated aesthetic proposals and premium quality solutions. Hospitality settings require hardwearing products and finishes that can handle sustained use and plenty of intense living, while embracing an elegant charm that invites to relax, enjoy and socialise both indoors and outdoors.

A passion for design

RS Barcelona designs to captivate. Searching for beauty in simplicity. Simplicity that becomes elegance. Eliminating the superfluous. Focusing on the exquisite nature of the details that make an item unique. Authentic. Exceptional. Designing merely for the satisfaction of a job well done. Of high quality. Raising the expert hand of the artisan. The hand which is seldom seen but always perceived. That’s where its value lies. Its honesty. Designing to last. Transcending the volatility of passing trends with one’s own personality. Designing to transform spaces. Bringing a touch of exclusivity, whether subtle or bold, to make each room a space in which to experience unforgettable moments. Designing to be meaningful. To leave an imprint. Respectfully, responsibly and positively.

At RS Barcelona we design with our soul, driven by passion.